Live Ecofriendly

As an 80’s baby I grew up in a world where I desperately wanted to be Winnie Cooper, I learnt everything I needed to know about how to live my life from the classic Clueless, I loved soda stream, Spice Girls and leg warmers and MTV decided what was cool. It was a simpler time. 

Fast forward 35 years and I’m left with fond memories, sun damaged skin and an overwhelming sadness and embarrassment about the current climate crisis we find ourselves in. Not because I personally feel solely responsible, but because I know that through our apathy and thoughtless action, it is my generation, and others, that have created a world that is at risk for our children. 

As parents we have a huge amount to think about, to coin a much used phrase, the juggle is real. Toilet training, after school clubs, making sure the little people have eaten enough but not too much, washing, working, homework, the list is never ending. Trying to fit in saving the planet may just feel like a ‘to do’ too far. But just as we worry about our child’s health, education and endless other things, we must also take responsibility for where and how they will be living. 

To help with this, I will be sharing some easy, family-friendly ways to live more sustainably that won’t add to your list of things to do. But more than this, I want to actively encourage you to also take a stand. To make your voice heard. This is a call to action. Our children are protesting, they are speaking out, they are challenging the status quo. Let us join them. Us mama’s are a force to be reckoned with too. Let’s take action and make a change. 

    Ecofriendly ways to live well

    5 family friendly ways to live more sustainably: 

    1. Shop plastic free - be mindful about what your products are made from and what they are wrapped in.
    2. Reuse/recycle - take the time to make the effort to recycle or reuse.
    3. Pass it on - uniform, toys, books and more, all can be useful to someone else when it has served it's purpose for you.
    4. Cleaning - choose eco-friendly products that aren't packaged in plastic bottles or make your own!
    5. Get the kids involved - from gardening to cooking, shopping to travelling, you can get the kids thinking of ways to do things in ways that are kinder to the planet.

    5 earth friendly ways to have your voice heard:

    1. Write to your local MP - nowadays you can email, tweet, message or get out the good old fashioned pen and paper, you're spoilt for choice!
    2. Sign a petition - a quick and easy way to make a real difference.
    3. Join the kids and protest - with local marches and protests happening up and down the country, you too can be there. Join the Global Climate Strike or follow GreenPeace for more details.
    4. Question - local and big businesses, ask them about their production and running processes, what are they doing to help protect the planet? The more that they know we care, the more they will care. 
    5. Shout about it on social media - it's quick and easy and really can make a difference. 


    March 08, 2020 by Louise Daniel