10 things I Now Know About Weaning

Below is a list of 10 things I now know about weaning that I didn't know when I started, hope it helps if you're about to embark on your weaning journey! 

1.            You can never have enough bibs!

Sometimes we go through 3 a day and unless you want to wash them all the time buy loads

2.            Your baby will at some point sneeze in your face with a mouthful of food

Try to see the funny side! Perhaps we should be wearing a bib too!

3.            Every baby is different in terms of the type of solids they will attempt and when, your baby will let you know when they are ready

Don't compare your baby to other babies where food is concerned, remember all adults eat differently!

4.            Get some bowls that suction to the high chair

There will be a time (or many times) when you look away for a second and the meal is on the floor, get regular bowls as well, as babies love playing with the spoon and bowl when they have finished eating

5.            Now is the time to wear breast pads

You don't know how quickly your baby will start to reduce their milk feeds once you start on regular food and so now is the time to wear breast pads if you are breastfeeding

6.            Have something in the cupboard your baby can eat whilst they wait

Sometimes they sit angelically playing with a toy and sometimes they kick off the entire time you are getting their dinner ready, if it's the latter have something they can hold and munch on in the meantime

7.            The spoon does make a difference

Between us Liam and I bought 3 different spoon types in the first week of weaning and we saw straight away which was the easiest for Rose to eat from, try a few to find the one that's right for your baby

8.            Try not to have any distractions

If the phone is ringing, the tv is on or someone is visiting your baby will definitely find it a lot more interesting than their dinner (in my personal opinion, this may not be the same for everyone!)

9.            Don't swipe and wipe

I can't claim credit for this saying I have borrowed it from the health visitor, don't be too keen to whip the bowls away and wipe up any mess / baby's face, as they do love exploring and feeling the different textures and you want them to be confident with what's going on for when they start to feed themselves

10.            It's really fun!

I have loved introducing Rose to different foods, and seeing her enjoy her meals is wonderful, and there have been lots of hilarious moments along the way

A sneaky number 11 - weaning brought with it a new routine which I found reassuring as it helped to add structure to our days and I can see Rose also recognises the new routine and starts to look forward to her meals and snacks!

A few products below which we have and would recommend:

Bamboo bowl - £14.99

IKEA inflatable insert  - £6 - good for when baby is small and I bought two so I have one in the pushchair to use on any other high chair when we are out and about 

Toy that suctions to the high chair - £10

Munchkin spoons - £4.49 (although you can sometimes buy the munchkin products much cheaper in Home bargains, I bought ours in Mothercare but cannot find them on the site 

There are so many alternatives to these products on the market, these are just a few of the items we have that I have found really useful and so am sharing. 

Written By She Who Mums Wins

June 14, 2018 by andsotoshop Admin

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