6 Hospital Bag Must Haves

Packing your hospital bag in readiness for the arrival of your little one is often an exciting but daunting task. What do you actually need? What will the baby need? Will the hospital provide certain things? 

A while a go we did a post with a comprehensive list of items to bring with you to hospital when you go into labour. Since then, some of our mums have asked, out of these things, what are the must-haves? So here we go, a skinnied down version with the absolute basics you need to pack in your hospital bag. 

1. Muslins - your new best friend! Muslins are great for most baby emergencies, whether it be mopping up sick, cleaning up milk or giving your little one a bit of comfort, having a stack of muslins at the ready is a great idea. Most of our mums said this was the most useful item in their hospital bag. 

2. Baby wipes - not for baby, for you. Their great for taking off any last bits of make up you might have left after labour, or for just a quick freshen up if you have visitors coming. Again, they double up as cleaning wipes for spilt milk or any other accidents.

3. 3 vests, 2 baby grows and a baby hat - obviously you'll need to dress your new arrival. Lots of our mums said they over packed baby clothes as they weren't sure what they would need. Depending on how long you're going to be in hospital for and the time of year this will vary, but here are the basics. If it's winter warmer baby clothing will obviously be needed. 

4. Maternity pads - after labour you are likely to bleed heavily. For some new mums this only lasts a few weeks for others it can last months. Make sure you're prepared with a pack of maternity pads in your bag. 

5. Toiletries - after labour you will probably want to get a shower and feel clean. Having your favourite toiletries is not only practical it can also be comforting having the smells and experiences you know. 

6. A change of nightie - mums-to-be will often pack clothes to give birth in, and clothes to go home with but sometimes to forget something comfy to be able to change into after birth. A fresh nightie or pjs is just the ticket to help you feel fresh and clean, and hopefully allow you to get a bit of much needed sleep. 

Is there anything we've missed? Comment below with items you found useful in your hospital bag.

March 20, 2018 by andsotoshop Admin

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