All Hail The NCT Friends

The NCT group… It’s a cliche isn’t it?!!

BC I was apprehensive about joining such a group. I didn’t want to be part of a clique who just met to discuss and compare and, let’s be honest, show off, about which baby is doing what first. I imagined a group of middle class women kitted out in Joules scarves with mini mes at their feet. This is the NCT group we all think of right? Truth is though these women saved me from insanity in those early few months. They aren’t kitted out in Joules attire. They are my friends and I love them.

The most important thing for me in those early days and weeks after having Junior Pug was having friends who were going through it with me. Friends who had older children were great because they understood but I needed people who were going through it at exactly the same time. Friends who were up at 2am too. Friends who had been shat on three times in the hour just like me. Friends who when we met for coffee were excited about having clean nickers on too! My NCT group were exactly this. I remember one morning we met with the greatest intention of walking round the park. We met at a cafe. Stupid to think we would leave there really… We sat and stuffed our faces and moaned about the babies and our husbands.

I see these groups a lot. In coffee shops. In restaurants. In the park. Mummies wearing dark glasses and clutching lattes. Mummies laughing with each other, encouraging each other. Mummies holding each other’s screaming babies so they can at least eat! Mummies mopping up each other’s tears. They make me smile. In fact Pinky and I were out with the boys recently and we saw one of these groups. Of course we started talking to them (we were too nervous to mention the blog though). We told them to keep going and keep the friendships!

Truth is this isn’t exclusive to the NCT group!! My best friends are two colleagues who happened to fall pregnant three months after me. I squealed over their scan pictures in the staff room then we met for coffee and I shared with them how I was wearing my hubby’s boxers because my nickers were too small!!! Then the babies all started arriving and we sent messages through out the night. We meet for coffee, we chat, we share, we laugh and cry together. Our babies all recognise each other and are friends already. I can’t imagine how I did life without them!!!

And of course there’s Pinky… But I think you know how that little love story is mapped out

The moral of this blog post is to surround yourself with friends. NCT friends, colleagues, people you meet in the park or the children’s centre. Whoever they are or wherever you find them share with them, off load onto them. Tell them about your lady bits and your huge swollen milk filled boobs!!! Cherish them and support them. Promote them to best friend status because, my goodness, you are going to need them!

This post is a shout out to my mum, sister and sister in law; my NCT tribe, Lisa and Natalie, and of course Pinky. You’ve all inspired me, encouraged me, listened to me and loved me! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

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August 11, 2017 by andsotoshop Admin

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