"T: Mammy why is my winky hard and sticking out? Me: *runs away* well handled I think"

Let me explain my panic.

I am not a prude.

When the issue of 'bits' first arose about a year ago, my Hubby taught T that he had a penis and testicles. This was unnerving to me. I know it's the correct term, but to hear your 2 year old son say 'Mammy look at my penis' was weird. I managed to get him to exchange the word penis for winky. This I am happier with.

However testicles remained.

I took T to his swimming lessons last week and as I was getting him dressed he explained, VERY LOUDLY about his swimming trunks, 'they go over my feet, and up my legs and then over my WINKY AND MY TESTICLES'. I heard the mother (of a girl) in the next changing cubicle snort with laughter, so I muttered 'don't shout testicles baby' to which T shouted 'BUT DADDY SAID THEY ARE MY TESTICLES' *sigh*

The whole anatomy thing is a minefield, he constantly asks me where my winky is. I've explained that girls don't have winkys and boys do, so he pointed to my, erm, area and asked what that was, so I told him it was my front bum. That's fair enough, right?!

I googled the um, winky problem, and was told at the age of 3 they can get them up to 5 times a DAY! So this isn't an issue that's going to go away.

He'll ask his Dad.

And if I'm not there he'll likely be told 'that, son, is an erection. When boys get erections they put it in a girls vagina to make a baby' (he may not say this, but you get the idea of how he explains body things to him).

So now that he's started school, if he gets one at school will he run around screaming 'I've got an ERECTION. I need to make a baby with a girls VAGINA!'


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August 04, 2017 by andsotoshop Admin

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