Baby Reflexology Classes – A First-Hand View

I’m a real one for baby classes. At 4 week’s old the nudist was only available for visitors on a Monday. Our days have been a haze of fit mum classes, baby massage, music group, play group…you catch my drift. I literally can’t sit at home with a baby all day – I’m climbing the walls by 10am – so as soon as I figured out how to get him out the door by 9:30am (dressed) we were on it.

But it was by accident that we ended up at a Baby Reflexology class @ Sally’s Hands on Babies. Reflexology classes for babies are really rare in the UK at the moment but, just like baby massage, its fast being recognised as a reputable way to solve all the issues we have with the little tykes like colic and constipation.

Back to my world though. Not only had I never heard of it before (in the baby context) but I also felt a bit chintzy taking Noah to something designed to sort out ailing adults. Admittedly, I thought it was just the latest fad. Also reflexology is the feet right? Noah has feet the size of my nose. How was I going to manipulate them?

Anyhow, onto the class. Sally’s set up can’t be rivalled – there’s sensory style disco lighting, glow in the dark animals for the babies to look at, a comfy cushion for the mums and every baby has one of those pricey bean bags to spend their time on. It’s not for show either; the lighting keeps Noah calm and distracted and the bean bag means he’s just at the right height for to make eye contact with me in a relaxed way.

All the moves are done with song (love a good song) and are a mix between stimulating pressure points and gentle strokes which must be quite relaxing! You’re encouraged to give lots of eye contact and kisses with every song, and why you’re doing it is explained. Unless you’re away with the fairies you’re going to leave with at least some idea of how to do something.

Not going to lie, I did spend much of the class just pushing at his feet and hoping for the best.

Thankfully not once did Sally pick me up on the fact that doing my own little actions might not get the same results.

But it WAS the results that completely U-turned my view. First of all, Noah smiled and giggled at me the whole way through – which for a 10 week old is really rare. So, it upped my endorphins and got me smiling back (happy mum, happy baby!). Secondly, the moves actually worked. No sooner had I completed the constipation song than I was stripping Noah off to change a rather dirty nappy. Lastly, this was the result 1 hour later…

Need I say more?

Sally’s class ended with a really hot cup of tea that I could drink because nudist was so distracted by the sensory lights - and a big slab of cake was on offer. We’ll be going back for a good few months to come.

If you live locally I’d really suggest you look up Sally’s Baby Classes.

And if you don’t, have a look whether this is something being covered in your area – it must be worth a try.

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