Ellen's Update - The Story So Far

Things have been a bit crazy since my last blog - apologies in advance this one is rather long!

We started our antenatal classes which were ‘interesting’. The classes themselves were very informative but I went with high hopes to bond with other parents as so many of my friends have told me they’ve done through NCT (not an option where I live) only to find the listening parts were so long, everyone just wanted to shoot off home for tea straight afterwards.
We also had one very bizarre class where parents to be, were eating crisps and cracking cans of pop open very loudly, taking personal calls on their mobile and the teacher over shared a really inappropriate story towards the end of the session.... I wont go into detail of that last point as the content was pretty sensitive but the overall thing made for a bit of a comedy sketch and left me pretty sure I’d like to make new friends another time!

What should have been our last session got cancelled due to the snow and then the ‘drama’ started. 
A few days later on a routine midwife appointment, I was told baby had still not moved into position. My husband and I have made jokes about this all along as it currently likes to lie sideways on like my stomach is a natural hammock for it and even on one scan it had its hands resting behind its head....turns out by week 37, that’s not great!
Had baby been breech, all would be fine albeit I may have had to have a caesarean if the position had been too awkward for a natural birth, but because of the sideways approach (technically known as transverse), the midwife was worried I’d need to be admitted into hospital ASAP.

I was given an appointment to see a consultant two days later and in the meantime got myself quite wound up about the possibility of an ECV. This is where they manually try and turn your baby into position but I’d read up on and asked a lot of women who said they’re not very successful and pretty painful. You feel a bit silly asking ladies if it’s going to hurt to have one when you know labour is going to be worse but labour is a means to a beautiful end and something you can’t control whereas putting yourself forward to be voluntarily hurt is....I don’t judge, but not for me! 

When we finally did see the consultant, ECV turned out not to be an option at that stage. They actually agreed it’s not very successful for transverse babies because there is so much room for them to move back again so they’d likely do it in conjunction with inducing me but I wasn’t ready for that. It meant my only option would be, to be admitted into hospital and wait.
The reason for this is because neither the baby’s head or bum (if breech) was sitting in the pelvis area, should my waters break, it acts like a bit of a suction and my umbilical cord could be sucked into that area, trapping the oxygen supply off to baby and of course then becoming an emergency. They like to have you no more than 5 minutes away from a hospital if that’s the case and as I don’t live by one, admission it was.

I’ve always prepared myself that life is never going to be the same once baby is born. It’s easy to say you’ll still attend things and get things done post baby in the same way you did pre baby and then realise that’s never going to happen (I’ve seen it happen to so many friends) but I didn’t expect mine to be calling the shots quite so soon. 
The week I was admitted was supposed to be my last working week. I had a brilliant photo shoot planned as the icing on the cake for my last day but all that had to be scrapped. Instead at 3.30pm on Monday 11th December I checked into Scarborough hospital to be kept in until baby decided to move or I had to have a caesarean. At 7.30pm Monday 11th December, baby decided to move......

Written By Ellen Davies

January 19, 2018 by andsotoshop Admin

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