Get Them Outside!

When toddlers get too much to handle and the living room feels like it is shrinking, it is tough to think of ways to  keep them entertained, especially when it hasn't stopped raining! Thankfully I remembered we have a lovely little green trail near our house. It's one of those places that you always enjoy more than you realise and end up saying classic lines like; "Why don't we do this more often" and "I always forget this exists". I drive past it every single day, usually several times and noticed recently that it is suddenly been overwhelmed with blackberries! 


I decided to teach Noah to forage the blackberries and how to check they were ripe and had 3 leaves before picking them. Then check for bugs before eating them. I originally said wait till we get home but before long his little face was covered in purple and there was no hope of keeping them out of his mouth for long. I haven't seen my little man so full of love and open to learn for a little while now. He misses nursery and being in his little forest. 

I think I forget that he is a bit like Johnny 5 from short circuit, he is in his element and full of love when he really feels like you are dedicating time to him. To teach him something about life, cooking or something cool about science. He is a sponge and I wish I didn't forget this so often. He said "I love you soo much" at least 5 times in about an hour and "look how fast I love you". This only happens when he feels all fuzzy and happy. (It might be a coincidence but he also went to bed really nicely that night and slept till 7:30! I've decided it's because he was full of love)

We picked more blackberries than anyone could need but we have eaten lots, frozen some and put some in a Jelly! I'm not looking forward to Winnie's nappies but they enjoyed it! 

If you are feeling a bit lost with what to do this summer, my new realisation is to just get them outside! Take a magnifying glass and look for bugs, take a bag and forage, take some wellies and find the puddles!

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September 06, 2017 by andsotoshop Admin

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