Halfway There!

I realise my last posting may have sounded quite negative so I want to assure any readers that I am truly happy to be pregnant. I’m not going to blame it on any pregnancy related hormones because I think us women have the right to shout up when side effects make us feel crappy and I was just being honest but of course there’s not a moment I don’t feel special that this little human has chosen to grow inside me.

As I sit and write this blog, I imagine this is what it’s like to wear a Slendertone (other makes available) as I feel a constant pulsing and nudging around my tummy, although this one is doing a very bad job of keeping me said Slender… that’s OK though, now people know our happy news, I am fully embracing the weight gain without the judgement! It’s also great assurance things are OK in there as I was beginning to wonder if I’d ever feel anything.

Anyone who has been pregnant will have likely been told the same as I was, ‘it will feel like butterflies or bubbles’. I couldn’t get my head round the butterfly analogy as to me, that is used as a phrase when associated with nerves and an unsettled feeling but I totally get the bubble feeling now and it’s so exciting.

This has only really come on in the last two weeks (I am now 21 weeks) so between my last post and now, the other big thing to happen was our 20-week scan.

I successfully managed to drink the right amount of water, in the right amount of time and turn up to the appointment on time too – winner…...not that any of that helped much because our little wriggler would not play ball with any measurement taking, resulting in being asked to go empty my bladder several times, go for a few walks, move around a lot and endure some pretty harsh prods from the ultrasound probe. One hour later and I could happily confirm everything that should be there was, and nothing was showing that shouldn’t be – good work baby!

The obvious question we are now regularly asked is whether we know what we’re having. We personally chose not to find out. I think I may have cracked had it been my sole decision because anyone who knows me, also knows I’m not very good with surprises but my husband definitely didn’t want to know and (he’ll be shocked to hear this) I respect his opinions. We have had names in mind for a long time and although we appreciate the baby may not suit the moniker resulting in utter panic to find something new because we don’t like anything else, we felt that knowing the name and what we were having would mean there were no surprises to come.

As I said, this is a purely personal choice and of course in reality I’m sure we’ll be surprised every day when our family expands – mainly by how little we know and what a miracle it is that we manage to look after the impending little human in any decent way. I have lots of friends that have found out in advance and it’s taken absolutely nothing away from the experience so if you’re one of those people, you can read this, shouting at your devise (and I will agree with you), ‘you don’t know what you’re talking about’!!

Written By Ellen Davies

August 23, 2017 by andsotoshop Admin

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