Meet: Emma

Hi, I’m Emma. I am everything from a new mum (gosh, it still feels weird saying that!) to a very undomesticated wife. Somewhere in between I’m a project manager, blogger and candle making enthusiast. The boring stuff? I’m 28, live in a little village near Leeds with my husband Dan, Noah and our cat Tabitha who has a penchant for getting hit by cars.

My everyday life is filled with very eclectic activities and rambling thoughts which often spill out onto social media. I’m always on the go! From baby massage, to testing out reflexology, buggy fit, taking Noah to help out at the local food bank - there is never an ‘everyday day’ in our household. I’m an avid supporter of peer support for new parenting and believe that any type of parenting blog is crucial to helping new parents navigate the tricky world of baby rearing.

August 03, 2017 by andsotoshop Admin

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