Meet The Gibsons

Husband and wife team, The Gibsons, have been long known to us due to their stunning wedding photography and being our Partners over at And so to Wed. Having recently launched a fabulous new Insagram account, dedicated to families, we thought it was about time we introduced them to you here at ASTB. 

Can you give us a bit of an introduction to The Gibsons?

We are a husband and wife team specialising in wedding and family portraits. This can range from maternity shoots to birth, newborns right through to family shoots. 

How did your business come about?

I, Chantal, was made redundant and as photography is my true passion I decided to go for it, starting a business and I have never looked back! Three years after starting I had to ask my husband to quit his job as I was too busy to handle it all and we love working together. It was the best move for us as a family.

We know your work really well because of your stunning wedding photography. You have now launched a new Instagram account that focuses solely on your work with families and children, why did you decide to do this?  

I decided to do this to keep it separate and make it known to people that we also do these shoots. We feel so inspired by capturing families yet we don't get many enquiries through which is a real shame. We're hoping this will help - parents, we're here, let us photograph your beautiful babies!

What can followers expect to see from your new Instagram account?

Our favourite shots from our newest shoots and sometimes some good throw back Thursdays. Those extra special gems! 

What is your favourite part of working with families?

How each and every family is different. Witnessing two people in love being parents is something I feel so inspired by. There's nothing more rewarding and incredible then bringing a human life into this world and it's amazing to be asked to be part of it, capturing those special moments. 

If one of our readers would like to have photographs of their pregnancy, newborn or family, what tips or advice would you give them?

Find someones who's work you love and invest in them. You won't regret it. Memories are forever. 

As a working mum yourself, how do you balance the demands of work and being a parent?

I sometimes wonder that myself! Haha. We have groups that Louie and I go to and we love going for walks. We make sure we have at least one family day a week. Scott and I swap back and forth with work time. We officially get 2 days a week for admin and editing and if we have shoots Louie goes to his grandparents. I guess like most parents, it's all about juggling!

What advice would you give to other working parents?

Find a schedule which suits you and stick to it. Sleep is so important. I used to pull all nighters but found it hard too recover, when you have kids it's just not doable. In fact, we went to Canada last July so I came back with jet lag. I decided to stick with the jet lag and worked 10-3am every night. Not healthy. 2017 I vow not to do this. 

Anything else you would like to add? 

We love families!!! Let us capture yours in timeless photographs.

Discover The Gibsons at, follow them at Facebook and Instagram.

March 06, 2018 by andsotoshop Admin