My Breastfeeding Experience

Two babies, two slightly different stories. That both have the same ending. Happy, healthy babies.  

I have already shared my experiences on YouTube you can see those videos by clicking below.

·         My breastfeeding experience with Tyler. Baby number 1

·         My breastfeeding experience with William. Baby number 2

I’ll start with the most important fact, a fact that we all seem to forget. Something that we as women and mothers should remember before pointing the finger and judging one another.

That a fed baby is all that matters.


As the days countdown to baby number 3 making his appearance the issue of breastfeeding is constantly on my mind. I’m planning on starting with breastfeeding, but I do have worries, which I will be going over with my midwife when I have my appointment with her to discuss my birth plan and feeding preferences. I worry that I’ll give up too quickly, or that the pain will be horrific again. 

Breast feeding isn’t a walk in the park, but neither is bottle feeding, this is again something we all forget. So many women think bottle feeding is the easy option, but in many ways it’s not. 

Let’s jump back 5 years to my first experience in becoming a first time mum, I had originally planned to bottle feed, I was 100% set on bottle. All that changed when my milk came in around day 3 when I had this sudden maternal instinct to feed my son, so that’s exactly what I did. And so we started our breastfeeding journey. The only difference for Tyler was because he had been started on formula we felt it was better for him that we continued to combination feed him. Something I struggled with was feeding in public, and even today it makes me nervous to think about because so many people are judgemental towards women for breastfeeding, yet Kendal Jenner walking around in a sheer top with star nipple covers on is totally acceptable?!!? Another problem we faced with combination feeding was that I still needed to be expressing my milk when he was being bottle fed to keep up my supply. Although it cause problems at night time when my partner wanted to let me sleep but of course that meant one thing and one thing only…. leaking boobs!! I woke one night to the bed literally soaked in breast milk. (Sorry if that’s TMI but it’s the total truth about breastfeeding… it happens). I think one of the biggest reasons why I didn’t continue breastfeeding was because of the sheer lack of support and advice I was given by my health visitor at the time. I had no clue what I was doing; I had no clue what was the best way to go about combination feeding. Then I was given the advice to make Tyler wait between feeds and give him a dummy! It’s only since having William that I know breastfed babies ideally need to be demand fed. Eventually we went onto the bottle completely and never looked back. We did what worked for us, and more importantly what worked for Tyler, he’s now a happy, healthy 5 year old, who is doing fantastically well in school, learning bilingually in Welsh and English.

William’s experience was rather different, this time I knew I wanted to breastfeed. It was in my plan to breastfeed immediately after the birth. I talked about it more with my midwife, so I had more knowledge this time around. Once again, I was lucky that I had no problems at all with my milk supply, I had more than enough to meet him demands for feeding. I think a problem I faced with William, was that I was almost “supplying” too much milk to meet his demands, because William fed a lot and often, but perhaps not to what my body thought he was taking. When I hit the 2 week mark my nipples were agony. (I’ll note we partly expressed for William to let Richard feed him in the day too, however William was mainly on the boob). I had a lot of pain in my right breast when I would feed so much that I’d want to hunch over while William was feeding. The pain I felt whilst breastfeeding was one of the biggest reasons I stopped. Again I felt the support just wasn’t there in terms of helping, and making me feel like it would all come to an end at some point. Instead I just heard the words 'oh just put baby on boob, you’ll be fine' and 'it only hurts when you’re doing it wrong'. That I think is one of the biggest things to be untrue when breastfeeding, I got told so many times by my midwife that my latching technique was absolutely fine, so I shouldn’t have been getting the pain. I imagine there was probably something else going on that I should have had looked at, but again the story ends the same with a happy healthy little man.


I shall hopefully come back to you with another update on breastfeeding when our newest little man is here! Wish me luck, and if you have any advice or stories of your own please share them below.

Lady Sara xo

Written By Sara Miller

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