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So I think it began when I discovered coconut oil, I started using it as a replacement for moisturiser (as I have tried most on the planet). I was hooked and I've never looked back, no more ingredients lists of things that I can't pronounce! I fell deeper in love with coconut oil when my little Oswin was born and looked in dire need of moisturising, she was the driest little baby I have ever seen. I ignored advice on covering her in emollient or the dreaded baby oil and stuck to my guns. I put a tiny bit of coconut oil in her baths and massaged her in it after, in a couple of weeks her skin was perfect and I had a clear conscious that it was all natural. 

When Oswin was about 4 months old I wanted to try and be a bit more natural and try to cut down on how many nappies we were getting through, this was a challenge with a toilet training toddler and a 4 month old, but I just couldn't stand seeing the black bin full of nappies within a matter of days any more. I came across Miosolo cloth nappies and decided to give them a try without any real understanding of using reusable nappies.

After a few struggles getting it to fit properly we were off, it seemed to be going well and from this one nappy we cut out using three disposables that day! I got a few more of them in the sale and we tried a couple more days at home the next week. I saw how much more comfortable Oswin was in her new soft nappies and felt really happy that she had soft cotton on her cute little bum instead of scratchy disposables. 

After a few weeks we suddenly owned over 20 nappies (breastfeeding and having Paypal one click payment on my phone is dangerous!) I taught myself about the different types, there are just too many, what liners go in them , the different boosters you can get and their absorbency level. There seems to be endless variations, materials, types and brands out there depending on preference. 

I have found that personally we like 'all in ones', which come with a bamboo booster attached, you just add a super soft fluffy liner and they are btp (birth to potty size) so you adjust it to your little one with the poppers and then do up the Velcro tabs and your done! 

There are so many ways to use reusable nappies, or to 'cloth bum' as it is affectionately called. It seems to be a massive case of trial and error, thankfully there are many facebook groups that are willing to help, but ultimately you find your own way with time. I found that it also takes confidence to make the leap and use the nappies full time. It's really odd but you don't feel confident taking them out of the house to begin with, like they will suddenly not work or you will forget how to do velcro up and end up with a poopslosion. But trust me it doesn't happen, you just make up the nappies with liners and boosters before leaving the house, make sure you have somewhere to put the dirty ones until you get home and that/s it really, you just do the same thing but don't throw it away!

We now use them full time and have gone even further this month by stopping using baby wipes!! This was completely accidental (kind of), Oswin suddenly got a really bad teething nappy rash and I couldn't bear to clean her with wipes so I used a cut up super soft cloth and warm water. The relief it gave her made her coo, I ended up waking with her through that night taking her nappy off and putting a damp cloth on her bum to sooth her. It made so much difference for a few days just not using wipes that I couldn't do it to her after that. I also made an amazing discovery that by not using wipes my eczema on my hands completely cleared up. this was a  huge thing for me as I use prescription cream most days. 

So in just a couple of months we have gone from having our own section of the local landfill site and spending over £15 a week on nappies and wipes to now we have 20-25 nappies with all their liners and boosters, a collection of cloth cuts we use as wipes (with lavender oil) and now tonight we are trailing a knitted wool nappy cover! Part of me feels like I have truly lost my mind but it if works then that's amazing and god they look so cute!!

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Written by Jessie Warren

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November 28, 2017 by andsotoshop Admin

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