The 'Best' Time To Have A Baby

Trust an event planner to even plan the ‘best’ time to have a baby!

Of course, there is no right time really, but there are a lot of things that have delayed me from the decision to start a family until now…. The fact that I’ve been in denial I’m a grown up (and have been for quite some time now) was a big one, the selfish feeling of things no longer allowed to be all about what I want anymore was another big one but for the last few years, it has mainly been about my job.

My husband was keen to get cracking as soon as we were married but I was trying to launch my events career full time and was gearing up to leave the security of a well-paid job to go it alone in the freelance world so it just wasn’t something I could turn my thoughts to.

There is the cliché of the biological clock though and whilst a lot of women are giving birth later into life, there was a nagging, conflicting feeling that if I put it off for too much longer, it may never happen – it’s that classic line ‘you will never know until you try!’

For me, events start to quieten down/stop altogether through the winter so after several what we thought, were well planned conversations, we started trying in January this year in the hope I would fall pregnant instantly and have a blissful six months off work due to my 2018 events diary not starting until April……

Anyone who has been through this experience will be laughing or shaking their head at our naivety in this belief as it turned out to be harder than we first thought although I am aware that we were very lucky for it to happen in April this year instead.

Because of the planning, we knew it had worked within two weeks of my missed period but there is still that feeling of ‘oh my god this is really happening’ when you look at that delightful pee stick! I booked an appointment with the doctor for the next few days who worked out my due date as being the 4th January 2018 and then passed on the midwife’s details to me.

Very quickly I began to suffer with a strange form of indigestion – in my throat which felt like someone was crushing my windpipe…...I think I’ll be saying that ‘men have it so easy’ more than once throughout this pregnancy. It got so bad that I resorted to going back to the doctors and was prescribed Omoprizol which did help massively.

Whilst the tablets helped a lot, by about week six I was swearing never to go through this again but at the same time feeling incredibly guilty for not being grateful enough to actually be pregnant when so many women can’t and of course wishing no bad fortune on myself.

Roll onto week 12 with much of the same symptoms plus the ever-expanding stomach (which seems to be getting bigger way too quickly), we finally got to have our first scan. I’m not sure when you can officially start blaming the lack of memory and common sense on the baby but having been convinced our appointment was at 9.40am I got a real shock to look at the letter and realise it was in fact 9.10am! From running around like headless chickens trying to get out the door coupled with the fact I’d not drunk my allocated amount of water in the right space of time meant we arrived at the appointment rather flustered and convinced we wouldn’t see anything on screen so it was really overwhelming to instantly see our little baby wriggling around.

So, between then and now as I’m just about to move into my new trimester, armed with our 4 little pictures, we have officially begun to start telling people our happy news which so far has been the most exciting and relieving part after feeling like a recluse for three months – a social life again but minus the booze to help the celebration…..although the husband has definitely taken the decision to drink for both of us!

July 12, 2018 by andsotoshop Admin

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