The Clothing Dilemma

I’m a plus size mama-to-be. I’d found out I was pregnant at size 18, a few days after I had joined the local gym in a new year resolution frenzy. The year before I had successfully lost 3 stone from my 5ft 4 frame and was loving the new me already and planned to get fit and healthy for the exciting year ahead. I found out I was pregnant on the 10th of January, following a few days of extreme exhaustion and vomiting that I thought was jetlag from being in New York over the New Year. I lost a half a stone in the first 6 weeks and was a little worried about ‘Brownling’s’ health. All I could manage was cake and the midwife said this was fine. So when the vomiting stopped the craving for sweets continued and breaking my ankle didn’t help either, I started putting on a little extra weight. So far, the plan of getting fit and healthy and the back up plan of being a healthier mum-to-be had so far not materialised.

As I started to feel her movements around 17 weeks and with every passing day, my stomach grew whilst her kicks got stronger. This was the time that my wonderful , reliable jeans had to go. It was also starting to turn into the spring / summer the UK had always dreamt of… so gone too was my favourite hideaway hoodies.

 Me at 17 weeks

Me at 17 weeks

I started looking into maternity wear for plus sized ladies… and yes there is the option, albeit extremely limited but my gosh at times expensive! I quickly learnt a few things about maternity clothing in general and wish I had known these tips earlier!

  1. Don’t buy expensive maternity wear early into your pregnancy. It will not last that long! I have paid some stupid amounts of money for t-shirts online from Bon Prix that have that money premium on top of them because they are ‘maternity’ wear. I have found just going up a size and buying from George at Asda, just as comfortable, better fitting and four times cheaper!
  2. Buy items with adjustable waists. Next sell some trousers, specifically the maternity shorts, with adjustable elastic on both sides. I have four pairs of these Next shorts and haven’t had to go up to the larger size yet and I only have a month to go. I am still adjusting the smaller size and there is plenty of room to go.
  3. Don’t get down about it. All maternity ranges are different in size. You may be a size 20 in one and a 26 in another…. Bon Prix and mail order catalogues tend to on the small side . The places I have found true to size so far ar Yours and Asda. If you do find yourself going up in sizes, remember, this is only temporary and you are growing a human.
  4. You will find a style you are comfortable in.  My cupboards at the moment are full of leggings, joggers, long t-shirts and lots of PJs. I do have a pair of long and short dungarees I bought from Bon Prix that I keep ‘for best’ and a few maxi dresses, but comfort at the moment to me, is the key factor, especially in the heat waves we are experiencing.
  5. Most plus size maternity wear is online. Try get it delivered to a store to try on and return if it doesn’t fit, there and then. You will also gets lots of confident building chat from the staff at these shops, the likes of Simply Be and Yours offer this service and whilst you are at their store try on the non maternity wear, it might surprise you.

So the top stores I recommend for comfortable , everyday clothing for plus sized pregnant woman are:

  1. Next
  2. Yours
  3. George at Asda
  4. Simply Be
  5. Matalan (Roger & Roger)

Unfortunately being a plus size mama does comes with its cons, usually the clothing, the confidence, the constant reminding of the medical issues etc., but just remember that gorgeous pro that you are growing inside of you. The main thing is that baby is happy and content in your well-padded tummy nursery and that those awesome curves will be back very soon #Youvegotthismama.

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