Do you ever have those little moments?  The moments where you catch you breath.  A few moments between the everyday hustle and bustle and juggle that is life.  It can be hard to notice them when your attention is elsewhere.  Work, feeding the kids, signing permission slips, doing the laundry, mentally writing seven different to-do lists.  Then there’s answering every random question your kid throws at you, and being the keeper of all the knowledge, from where the Lego head with the frowny face is, to the names of all the paw patrol pups.  But if you stop and look you will see the moments.

I’m talking about the moments where we are free from noise and distraction.  The moments when we take a breath to steady ourselves.  The moments when we top up our dwindling patience.  The moments when we relish the silence.  The moments we re-group.  The moments we tell ourselves we can do this.  The moments when for a split second we take it all in.  The moments that keep us sane.  The moments our hearts are bursting with love.  The moments when we breath our children in deep and want to hold onto everything the way it is forever.  The moments we appreciate everything we have.

These moments are so fleeting, that if you blink you could miss them.  The moment you close the children’s bedroom door at night, often with a little sigh.  And maybe you think today was great, or maybe it wasn’t and you think tomorrow will be better.  But that moment when you pause outside their door and time briefly stands still and you catch you breath.

That moment when you serve the kids their dinner and for the smallest of moments everyone is quiet, and eating.  And you know that someone will complain, or spill their drink, or tell poo jokes at the dinner table, but there is that still moment where you catch your breath.


That moment when your child has bumped their head, or grazed their knee and you’ve administered the kisses and cuddles as they calm themselves in your arms.  That moment just after the tears stop and just before they wriggle down to play again, that’s when you catch your breath.

That moment when you pick them up from school and you see them before they see you.  You realise you’ve missed them and you swear they have grown.  That moment just before they see you is when you catch your breath.

That moment when your children are old enough to be left at a kids party.  You drop them off in a room bursting at the seems with colour and noise and chaos.  You wish the party host luck, tell your offspring to have fun and you close the door.  That moment right there is when you catch your breath.  And maybe do a little celebration dance.


That moment when you walk into the room and you partner has your children in his arms.  Maybe they are reading a story, maybe they are mid bundle and tickle fight, maybe he is spinning them round and narrowly avoiding the ceiling light.  But the room is full of giggles and love and in that moment you catch your breath.

That moment when you take a peek at your sleeping children.  When it’s been a long day with tears and tantrums.  When although you haven’t really stopped all day you haven’t achieved anything you set out to do.  You may have lost your patience, you may have shouted.  And as much as you are bone tired, you hover at their beds longer than you need, and in that moment you catch your breath.

That moment when you are having a family trip out.  It may be a trip that required planning and organising.  It maybe a trip that was spontaneous and care free.  But there will be that moment, normally just as you have snapped a perfect photo, when everyone is happy, you feel a little bit lighter from everyday problems, and you remember that these are the times you will always remember.  That’s when you catch your breath. 

That moment when you’ve finished putting the presents under the tree and the Santa magic has been done.  That moment when all of the organising and shopping and wrapping and decorating and sewing Shepard costumes has all been worth it.  And it’s that moment when you step back, take stock, and imagine their happy faces, that’s when you catch your breath.

Written By Claire - Life, Love and Dirty Dishes

July 02, 2018 by andsotoshop Admin

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