To Live Life Like A Toddler

If you went to work and acted like your toddler, how quickly do you reckon you'd be fired?!

First of all you wouldn't arrive appropriately dressed - your outfit would be a mix of PJs, wellies and fancy dress. Next you'd cry at someone to get you a drink. But only in a specific cup that you refuse to communicate with them. When they eventually got it in the right cup and placed it right in front of you expecting a moment's peace you'd then decide you need a snack with it. A biscuit. A chocolate one. Right now.

When your colleague answered the phone, you'd insist that you needed it. Once they'd given in you'd run around the office laughing, ignoring the person on the other end. In the morning meeting you'd keep climbing off your chair and lying in the middle of the floor just for the hell of it.

At lunchtime you'd go out to get a sandwich but end up on the floor of the sandwich shop crying because they'd cut all the sandwiches into triangles and you needed them to be rectangles. In the afternoon you'd hide in a corner and have a few grunts as you fill your nappy. Then carry on as if nothing had happened and wait for someone else to clean you up.

By 4 o'clock you'd be way over tired from causing everyone else stress, eventually give in, and nap at your desk. At 5pm you'd demand fish fingers and ice cream, eat three bites and go home. 

Oh to live life like a toddler! 

Written by Pinky and Pug

February 20, 2018 by andsotoshop Admin