To Mummy & Daddy...

Thank you for getting up with me night after night, despite the fact you are beyond tired. For rocking me back to sleep, making me feel safe and loved. For all those 4am feeds, cuddles in the cold and dark when I'm not feeling well and early morning get ups when I just won't go back to sleep. For always being there as I grow older. Through the years you will see me change, grow and become myself. You will be there, helping me and showing me the way. I know I will always have a home with you, somewhere safe to be myself and to get a much needed hug in times when nothing else will do.

Thank you for putting me first. For always thinking about me and making sure my needs and wants are met before your own. For doing what is best, even if you and I don't realise it at the time. For going above and beyond to make me smile - whether it be making a fool of yourself at the supermarket pulling 'that face' that makes me laugh or reminding me just how proud you are of me. For all those silly moments where we laugh so hard I can hardly breath, for dancing round the livingroom, for snuggling on the sofa watching Peppa Pig for the three thousandth time, for everything you do that makes me happy - no one can make me smile quite like you do.

Thank you for being my teacher, showing me skills I will need in life. How to be polite, how to swim, how to cook, how to brush my teeth, how to build the best brick monster ever. Because of you I am independent, confident, curious and willing to learn.

Thank you for showing me how to be a good person. For working hard, making a home, a family. For giving me a role model, someone who I admire, respect and love both in your best times but also in your worst. You are not perfect, but you let me know that is ok. From you I have learnt to be kind, to be determined, to be strong,Β to be creative and to love. I know that it is ok to fail as long as I try, I will always have you to support me and to help me succeed. There is nothing I can't achieve with you by my side.

Thank you for everything you are and everything you help me to be; wonderful, complex and unique. I am one of a kind, created just by you. Everything I do is testament to what a great job you are doing and who you are. If you ever feel like you are failing or not doing well enough, just look at me. I am here, I am loved and I am growing into something amazing because of you.

No-one has a love like ours, thank you for letting me be part of something so special.


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February 13, 2018 by andsotoshop Admin