Too Many Hats

How many hats do you wear? Do you get to ever take them off?

I permanently have my 'mum' hat on, sometimes I can take it off for an hour or two when I first go to bed, maybe if the kids are ok I can take it off all night. If the kids wake up however the 'mum' hat is picked back up and jammed firmly back in place on my head. 

I have many hats. Usually on top of my mum hat I wear my 'wife' hat. My wife hat is only usually worn between 4pm and bedtime and on weekend.

Then there's the 'once a day' hat where for an hour I put on my 'step mum' hat, and usually once a week, I also add my 'step grandparent' hat. 

Then there's my 'sister' hat. I have 2, 2 very different 'sister' hats, my 'daughter' hat, my 'granddaughter' hat, my 'auntie' hat, hopefully soon I'll have a 'work' hat.

But what happens when all these hats are worn together, when you forget to remove one hat before the next hat gets put on top?

They topple off, come crashing down to the floor and you're left with your 'mum' hat. What if you don't want to wear your 'mum' hat when all your hats come crashing down? You take that hat off and it's just hair. Your hair is limp, greasy and lifeless because you've been wearing so many hats you've not had time to tend to it.

You look in the mirror at the mess and wonder how it got that bad. When did you stop caring about your hair? Should you go for a drastic new style and colour? Will it make any difference? Will people see or notice it anyways under all those hats? People get so mad when I take off my hats to look after my hair. 

Clearly this post is neither about hats nor hair.

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September 19, 2017 by andsotoshop Admin

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