Tuesday Tip: Advice

When you get pregnant the world and his wife will bombard you with advice. How to manage being pregnant, how to cope with labour, what you should do when you have your child, what you shouldn't do, what you absolutely must do and it gets to the point that it can be totally overwhelming. We don't doubt these people mean well but oh my gosh, sometimes you just want to punch them in their mouth. 

You're already panicking about how you will manage to actually get through it, you don't need people telling you an exhaustive list of things you mustn't forget. 

So our Tuesday Tip for this week is:

Listen politely to peoples advice and ignore most of it, do your own research, read books but at the end of the day, trust yourself to do a good job (because you will be amazing, we promise!)

August 09, 2017 by andsotoshop Admin

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