We’re Lucky, But That Doesn’t Mean It’s Not Hard Too

Sometimes when parenting gets too hard I try to remember to go and look in the mirror. Only there do I see the little arms wrapped around my neck and the tiny body pressed against me, calm and happy, and then I remember how important I am to her.

She won’t let me put her down at the moment- I literally get nothing useful done at home. Today I nearly cried because I couldn’t get enough seconds of peace to find trousers for my children so we could leave the house. The house is in disarray because chores are always only ever started, but never finished. And it drives me mad!! They say the chores can wait- but it’s not that easy. You have to wear clothes (preferably clean ones occasionally too), and you have to feed the children, and that all requires chores. So when I can’t get on it makes me feel really crap and like I’m not coping as well as other people.

So I go back to the mirror. I stand there and it helps me take a step back and see what the old lady in Sainsbury’s obviously saw today as she gazed longingly at me with a one year old strapped to my chest and a 3 year old kissing her from the trolley. I see that I’m lucky. Lucky that I have these tiny humans to care for. Because I always know that I am lucky- but sometimes it’s hard to remember it when you’re so frazzled and shattered and would give anything to just have 5 minutes peace (hell, even a solitary wee is exciting!)

We’re lucky, but we work hard for that privilege. And I know from first time round, it does get easier (in some ways!) We’ve got this Mamas!

Written By Pinky & Pug

January 26, 2018 by andsotoshop Admin

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