Week’s 14 – 17: Navigating Sleep Deprivation And Complicated Clothing

As I write this, I wonder how many people might be wondering whether I’m actually fit to be a mother. You see another genuine reason I haven’t wanted kids for so long is that I LOVE my sleep. I have felt too selfish to be deprived of it and absolutely no baby (not even the iconic Athena poster of the man and baby that resurfaced in my mum’s last house move) has wavered that need to catch my ZZZs. 

People talk about being ‘hangry’ but for me, it’s sleep deprivation. Woe betide you if you try talking to me pre 9am (just ask my long-suffering husband), so the thought of becoming like so many parents I know who talk about only having three odd hours sleep per night, seriously put me off.

What no one actually bothered to alert me to, was how your body starts preparing you for said lack of sleep, by cruelly keeping you awake even before the baby arrives. At around 14 weeks pregnant the 3am wake up calls began – for no obvious reason to me. Roll on to week 17 and I’m now having quite a few awake moments also accompanied by the increasing backache and difficulty rolling side to side due to the ever-expanding stomach and (apologies for the intimacy) a very tender bosom that doesn’t like to be moved!!

If I could take one positive from it all, it would be that I hope it is gently easing me into what it’s going to be like to be pleased with achieving one or two hours sleep rather than being distraught that I’ve lost my blissful other eight!

I was hoping with my energy levels coming back to me with the move to the new trimester, I would be done with the afternoon napping but genuinely, it’s my new favourite hobby and I get quite upset when I have to be act like a proper adult and do a full day’s work in the office.

In other news, I have embraced the massive weight gain with an opportunity to buy more clothes but I’m finding buying maternity wear a bit of a minefield and would welcome any advice. I thought there may be some sort of guide on how big you needed to buy, (as I write this I feel a bit stupid as it’s probably impossible) but I just don’t know how large I’m going to get and I’d really like to find pieces that grow along with me. I also think that as shops vary so much in ‘normal’ sizing, just guessing at going up a few numbers isn’t really working. For example, pre-pregnancy, I was usually a size 10/12 but when I’ve tried to regain some youth for a second in Topshop, and realise I can’t even get their size 14 jeans over my thighs let alone do them up, I’d probably now need to hire one of their pop up event tents to fashion as maternity wear.

ASOS is proving my ‘go to’ choice at the moment as you can return for free if not right although I’m neglecting that privilege by keeping things and telling myself I will expand into them……makes a change from all the times I’ve told myself I will magically shrink back into things!

Love Ellen x

August 04, 2018 by andsotoshop Admin

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