Meet The Maker: Mint Cake Club

At And so to Shop, we are passionate about helping independent businesses grow. Every And So To Shop vendor puts their love & hard work in to each product they make, which we think makes each creation extra special!

Part of the beauty of independent brands is that there is independent thought behind them.

Mint Cake Club, for example, are passionate about ethical fashion and about kids looking seriously cool. We spoke to Aimee, creator of Mint Cake Club, about her brand what drives her…


I am Aimee and I am the maker behind Mint Cake Club.

I am a trained lingerie technician (fitting, grading etc), and worked in the fashion industry in London for 10 years, working my way up the couture ladder and ending up running the atelier of a high end fashion house.

Having my daughter in 2016 gave me a kick up the bum to start my own brand, and I have recently rediscovered my love of print design, so there are some cracking fabrics on the way!

We LOVE this mustard “beasts” print.

Mint Cake Club is bold, fun fashion brand making unconventional clothing for kids.

All of our garments are designed to look great over conventional and cloth nappies. We generate all of our own patterns from scratch, perfecting them through vigorous wearer and wash trials.

Mint Cake Club have the coolest prints around!


Our designs are made with bold, modern kids in mind, and are gender neutral. Our fabrics are all Oeko-tex certified, ethically sourced and super durable. 

Everything is hand made in West Sussex, UK. You will not find garments like ours anywhere else!

A fan of cats? Dogs? Tattoos? Well, then this is for you!


We don’t know about you, but we kinda wish we could wear this stuff ourselves! Failing that, we’ll gift it to some seriously cool kids for them & their parents to enjoy!


To view the full Mint Cake Club collection, click here.

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September 09, 2018 by andsotoshop Admin