5 Reasons To Crowdfund For And So To Shop

You may have noticed that this month we are crowdfunding for And So To Shop to reach a fundraising target of £3000. Given that our whole mission and ethos is about supporting independent businesses (Seen us hashtagging #ShopIndie on social media?), we totally realise the value of money and what it means to everyone.

When you buy something from an independent business you’re paying for that business owner’s child to attend ballet classes, or you’re funding school fees or drama lessons. The money from every single shop sale is therefore of tremendous value, and so we know what money means to everyone. Thus, we could not ask you to donate your own hard-earned money to our crowd-funding cause without at least providing some reasons as to why you should!

If after reading these reasons you feel like pledging some money towards our goal then we would be incredibly grateful, and please don’t think you’re doing something for nothing. When you pledge an amount into our fund you are able to choose a gift on us to say a massively heartfelt thank you for your support. If you have friends who like to Shop Indie as well then please do share this post with them and let’s see if we can reach our target together!

  1. We sell one-off gifts and items that you couldn’t find anywhere else. Unlike some of the high-street shops and other online retailers we really do have a lot of originality within our offerings which means you can buy things for your loved ones that they will never have seen before. Surely one of the best things about giving someone a gift is seeing the look of surprise and delight on their face when they open it! You are guaranteed to get that reaction whenever you buy anything from And So To Shop. And when we reach our target we will be able to spend more money on advertising in order to entice another wave of amazing buyers to join And So To Shop so that we can offer you even more choice!
  2. You get a better deal! Often our suppliers work from home which means that their overheads are much lower than bigger brands who have to pay out for rent and salaries. This means that often the overall price of their products can be higher, which is what you’re paying for. With the products in our store, because our suppliers aren’t having to cover the same costs, items are less for you to buy whilst you’re still funding a family’s trips out together and other special moments. It’s not a myth that every time you purchase from an independent seller they do a happy dance - I’ve seen it happen with my very own eyes!
  3. Getting married? We have a shop full of suppliers who can hand-make personalised things for your wedding that no-one else will have. We often hear complaints that everyone’s wedding is the same these days, but not when you shop all-things-weddings at And So To Shop. From beautifully bespoke bridal lingerie to the most stunning hair accessories and jewellery, not only are these products unique but they often have much shorter lead times than high-street brands. Why? Because our sellers can work when and how they want which means if they find themselves time to finish off your wedding invitations or veil on the sofa one evening then they’ll do it, just so they can get them to you much faster!
  4. We love offering or customers little treats to say thank you for purchasing from one of our suppliers! We appreciate every sale so much that sometimes we offer you 10% off your basket, or send you a little treat just for being you! Meeting our £3000 target will allow us to do this more and more which means that you will be receiving a little surprise in the post every now and then. Shopping should be a personal experience, and even though the majority of us shop online, alone in our homes, this shouldn’t mean that you don’t feel thanked and appreciated for using our store. The money you raise will go straight back to benefitting you!
  5. We’ll be able to use the money raised to organise meet-ups for our 800-strong online community so that our suppliers can meet up and share ideas to continually feel more inspired. Which is good news for us as they will be at the top of their game, and good news for you because their shop offerings are going to consistently increase. This means you’ll always be able to find interesting and unique gifts for your family and friends.


If you like our reasoning and want to contribute to our crowdfunding campaign then we would be so so grateful. From as little as £5 or as much as £100 you can make a whole community of suppliers do one big happy dance. When we reach our target we’ll even film us all doing one big dance, just for you! Head on over to http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/help-us-bring-indie-businesses-to-more-people to pledge to our cause and choose your special gift! Go on - make our Monday!


Written by Charlotte Spain

October 10, 2017 by andsotoshop Admin