Inside Your Basket: Free Online Shopping with And So To Shop

At the end of July, we ran a competition to win your online shopping basket completely free. There were literally no catches, just as it says on the tin: if you ordered from our online shop on that day, you were entered into a prize draw to win your shopping free of charge. We love supporting small businesses and moreover we love connecting small businesses with lovely customers so it was a no-brainer on our end. Also, any post arriving feels like a present to yourself (unless it's bills...), so to actually receive them as a present is just the best thing ever. 

Our two lucky winners were the lovely Samira and Helen, who got some lovely family pieces and a couple of cards too. Because we know you're nosey in the best kind of way (an inquisitive, curious mind, I think my mum calls it) we thought we'd show you inside their free baskets. In other words, we're doing a gameshow style HERE'S WHAT YOU COULD HAVE WOOOOOOOOON! But the good news is they're still in stock and can be bought - there's literally nothing worse than a blog post which shows you something you really want that's no longer out of stock. All of our suppliers handmade and create their beautiful designs, so we can promise you that these will be here to stay.

Organic Blush Pink Stripe Leggings - Bee Minor

These leggings are super soft, super stylish and super cute - ticking all the boxes. Made out of organic stretch cotton and featuring an adjustable waistband, they're designed to be the utmost in comfort for your little one. In they make them in big people sizes?

Teething and Nursing Necklace - Little Magpies

All of Little Magpies' necklaces are made from non-toxic materials, and are designed to be tactile and chewable for your baby whilst being stylish for you to wear. They're a great distraction and a fab thing for tiny little hands to grab to soothe sore gums - whilst also coming in gorgeous stylish colour ways to soothe tired mums too! We adore this bright yellow - bringing us the sunshine for sure.

You're My Favourite Muggle - My Little Shop Of Wonder

If twee cards aren't really your cup of tea, My Little Shop Of Wonder is going to be your godsend. Let your other half know exactly how you feel about them with this Harry Potter inspired card - perfect for when your Owl is on summer hols.

I Hate You The Least - My Little Shop Of Wonder

We're big believers in saying what you mean, and there's no point in mincing your words. Tell your special person how you truly feel, and give them the warming satisfaction that out of everyone that frustrates you on the planet (a list which we understand to be loooooong), they frustrate you the least. Even if they do leave the lights on after they've fallen asleep, or always get a bit too drunk at family occasions. Or never leave enough time for their travel, and then get stressed that they're always late. What were we saying? Oh yes, you hate them the LEAST. As you were...


August 09, 2017 by andsotoshop Admin