Summer of Love: Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve

It's the summer of luuuuuurve here again - but if you're a mother, it's going to also undoubtedly be a summer of sleep deprivation, discomfort and a lot of juggling. Mums, you're superheroes all year round, but we know summer really kicks it up a notch to test your full ability, and we salute you. The days are long, the queues are longer, and the heatwaves are the longest still.

With the heat, as well, comes a deluge of articles and segments about what to wear and how to style your summer, always featuring bikinis and straw hats and the kind of embellished wedges no-one's ever successfully walked on a beach in in their entire lives. There's always tips on skincare and beachwear and aftercare and how to attract stares, all affixed in glossy mags. It can, however, leave you feeling pretty crappy, especially if you're just trying to keep yourself going day-to-day with little sleep and mushy food. 

So, this summer of love, our style edit will be short and sweet. Instead of focusing on how to make you look your best, we're going to make you feel your best - although everything we're showing you looks amazing too! You're doing a beautiful thing, and we want to help you tell the world that. This summer, we're encouraging you to wear your heart on your sleeve; we're asking you to embrace your motherhood, and to acknowledge your struggles, in order to promptly flick them the Vs and show them who's boss. Luckily, we have some incredible makers in the shop who also want to assist...


I Can't Get No Sleep - Baby Dee & Me

 I Can't Get No Sleep Motherhood T-shirt


If you've swapped the nineties for nighties and being a disco bunny for being a tired bunny, this top is for you. Inspired by the iconic Faithless smash hit, the graphic t-shirt for tired Mamas everywhere is made of soft feel cotton, with a completely PVC-free and child-friendly vinyl print. Safe to say, it's much more child friendly than the 90s raves would have been...

And we know you rocked a pretty spectacular onepiece back in the day, so why not get your bub a matching one


F*CK a decaf - Baby Dee & Me

 F*Ck a decaf t-shirt for tired new mums

Another absolute banger from Baby Dee & Me, this time inspired by Caroline by Amine. We know you're sleep deprived, and sometimes direct realness is the best solution. Boob in mouth and tongue in cheek is definitely a great way to get through the worst few months! Soft cotton, soft embroidery and a white or dark heather grey colourway makes this a super sassy and stylish way to boss motherhood. 


Silicone Teething Bangle - Little Magpies

 Pretty pastel rainbow teething bangle

Literally wear your heart on your sleeves with these bad boys - Little Magpies make the most beautiful teething bangles for your little one. Completely nastiness-free, they're designed both to ease teething pain without cramping your style. Available in bold shades and beautiful pastels, chuck these on to instantly brighten up an outfit. They can also go in the fridge to really soothe the pain!

August 16, 2017 by andsotoshop Admin