Summer Spruce Up: Say What You Mean

I hate to alarm you (although if childcare is getting you down this summer, this may come as a welcome benchmark) but one week of summer holidays has gone already. Even though I'm *cough* 5 years out of school, I still grade my summer on summer holiday time - that all important six week period between July and the start of September. I used to cram so many projects into that period, so many six-week plans: read x number of books, learn the Hoedown Throwdown to perfection (which shouldn't have taken six weeks but with my level of athletic ability was touch and go to even finish it in that time), redecorate my bedroom. 

With work and life and everything else going on, a complete redecoration would now be out of the question, but a little rejig wouldn't go amiss at all. And a super effortless but impactful way of doing this is with art and art prints. If you rearrange and declutter some surfaces, you can easily dot some new prints around, or take over a plain wall to hang many and make a focal piece. 

Ok, you nod, this all sounds very easy and brilliant and wonderful (oh stop it you), but what artwork are you suggesting? If you don't know much art that you like beyond Van Gogh and Banksy, that's absolutely not a problem. Why not do it with words?

You know what they say - walls have ears. But they also have mouths, too. Find quotes that inspire, empower, uplift and comfort you, and splash them everywhere in your rooms - it is, after all, your home, the place you most need to feel inspired, empowered, uplifted and comforted. I adore prints with quotes on them, as although it sounds stupid, they're sometimes just the reminder I need. If I'm feeling a bit low, I just need to look to the wall above my desk and see my "You Are Such A Babe" print, and I feel just that bit more babe-ilicious. It's perfect, making my flat feel much more homely, making the walls less bare and more lived-in and loved, and also keeping me in a good mood and productive.

Seeing as this all came about from me saying that redecoration isn't always possible under time constraints, what good is me telling you about quote prints if you don't have the time to trawl through hundreds if not thousands of quote prints from online shops? Well, luckily for you, I've compiled a list of some of my favourite artworks to spruce up any room over the summer - pronto, tonto, and without paying for an original Banksy either. You are WELCOME. Here's our 5 top items for revitalising a room this summer without breaking your back, your budget or your sleeping pattern:

1. Given Enough Tea, I Could Rule The World - Loveli Design

Frankly, my love for this one is self-explanatory. Given enough tea, I could rule the world, and may well do one day.  This print is perfect and so versatile - on the kitchen, by your desk, in your living room. Essentially, wherever you drink tea, this goes perfectly...and come to think of it, is there anywhere you don't drink tea?

2. Light Up Couples Initials - The White Bulb

These light-up letters and floral heart by The White Bulb are beaaaautiful. Not only do they extend the metaphor just that bit further (literally lighting up your life) but it's a subtle and beautiful way of celebrating who's important to you. And hey, if that's just you, you rock on with your bad self - get a full set of your initials and love yourself. If Justin Bieber says so, we should do, right?

3. Out With The Old, Gin With The New Print - QuaintlyKate

From tea to gin, my two main thirst-quenchers (water comes a close third, obvs.) We love this print at ASTW - a reminder to be a little bit silly and that perspective is a wonderful thing. Everything usually seems fine after a gin, and you probably deserve a breather anyway - so grab a gin, take a break, and let the new good vibes roll in.

4. Moon Dream Catcher - Suzanne Oddy Design

Suzanne Oddy makes the most beautiful, rustic, natural designs, and these dreamcatchers are no exception. These handmade, hand finished beauties are ethereal and incredible. And whilst they're not explicitly giving you direction in the way that ballsy quote prints do, they are a good signal that there's beauty out there and that relaxing isn't a bad thing. 

5. Personalised Name Dictionary Definition Print - Hoard Pretty Things

And finally, why not have what makes you special emblazoned on your wall? I love this dictionary definition print from Hoard Pretty Things, reminding you who you are (a boss) and what you are capable of (boss things). It may also remind you that you have fish fingers in the freezer and that you can make the sandwich you've been craving, but that's a bonus as far as we're concerned.

July 31, 2017 by andsotoshop Admin