5 Things To Do To Create A Fabulously Successful Hen Party

Planning a hen party can be hugely stressful. Trying to organise a group of women at the best of times is a difficult task, but throw in the emotionally charged fact that you are all there to celebrate that your friend is about to tie the knot, can make it almost undoable. Never fear, And so to Wed has got you covered.

We are long term admirers of the fabulous Team Hen. Started by Danielle Kendall around the same time that we ourselves began our handmade journey, Team Hen has fast become a chief bridesmaids go to place to source fun, fabulous and non-trashy hen accessories, party decor, favours and bridal gifts. With a little help from our friends at Team Hen, we're going to show you how to throw the best hen celebration ever.

So when throwing your bestie the hen party of her life, what do you need? No matter where you go, what activities you choose to do, whether you have a theme or a bit of a free for all, there are certain key ingredients that are an absolute must for hen party success: love, laughter and no drama. With this in mind, we're covering some of the basics to help keep your brides hen do as stress free, fun and filled with love as possible. 

1. Keep Your Hens Happy

Upon arriving at a hen do, most hens will have had to travel. Even if it's only a short distance, nothing sets the tone for the celebration than being greeted with a cute party bag filled with treats to make your hens smile. Happy hens = happy bride, so lets keep them all smiling, from the brides mother, to her uni pal who's flown in from Australia. Team Hen have a range of gorgeous handmade party bags and favours to suit every style of hen. We love these classic white and gold gift bags and sassy saying pencils.

 Hen Party Bags |  Team Hen

Hen Party Bags | Team Hen

 Ombre Pencil Gift Set |  Team Hen

Ombre Pencil Gift Set | Team Hen

2. Keep Your Bride Happy

Lets face it, she is the reason you're all here. Your bestie, your wing woman, your compadre of many years, so treat her like the Queen that she is with a little something special. A piece of jewellery, framed photo/artwork from her hens, memory book or her favourite perfume are all great ways of saying 'we love you'.

 Bride To Be Tote Bag |  Team Hen

Bride To Be Tote Bag | Team Hen

3. Create A Sense Of Community

The memories you make on the hen party will stay with the bride and her hens, so make sure they are good ones. Ensuring everyone gets to know each other and gets along is key to this. We love the idea of including a hen badge, sash or other communal 'something' in their party bags so that everyone feels involved and part of the gang.

 Diamond Hen Badges |  Team Hen

Diamond Hen Badges | Team Hen

 Bride To Be Sash |  Team Hen

Bride To Be Sash | Team Hen

4. Bring The Party

Set the sense of occasion using party decor to get everyone excited to celebrate. Using fun balloons is a great way to make a big impact in a cost effective way. Team Hen have word balloons that look fab, or you can buy letter balloons to spell out the bride to be's name, Wifey, She said I do, Feyonce or any other word or saying that will make your bestie smile. 

Don't forget those other finishing touches such as napkins, straws, steamers and photo props. 

 Balloon |  Team Hen

Balloon | Team Hen

 Fiesta Napkins |  Team Hen

Fiesta Napkins | Team Hen

5. The Games

Lastly, a hen party wouldn't be a hen party without some fun games to get everyone laughing. Team Hen have kindly taken care of this too, with their FREE downloadable hen party games. Just click, print and have some fun!

 Free Hen Party Games |  Team Hen

Free Hen Party Games | Team Hen

We'd love to know how your hen party planning is going. Please comment below or share photos of what you got up to on your hen celebration. 

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July 04, 2017 by andsotoshop Admin

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