5 Tips For The Indie Bride & Groom Engagement Party

Congratulations on your engagement and welcome to the wonderful world of weddings. If you're wondering where to start with wedding planning, start the best way possible - with an engagement party! There's already lots to celebrate, so gather your nearest and dearest to drink champagne and wish you well on your wedding planning way. Here are our 5 top tips to make your indie engagement party as individual as you are...

 Tote Bag |   Team Hen

Tote Bag |  Team Hen

1. Location 

Think about your budget. The venue could be where you save some pennies to spend later on that killer dress. Depending on the style and size of party you would like, a venue with a bar such as a quaint pub or trendy inner city bar may only need a deposit which you’ll get back if your guests spend enough at the bar. Win win. This leaves you with a little more money to spend on food, decor and entertainment. 

Alternatively, there are fab venue spaces available; loft or warehouse spaces that are great blank canvases to add an edgy vibe that will set your engagement apart. Just remember to ask what’s included in the hire charge as this is where costs could creep up. 

Finally, if budget is tight, just style it up at home. The best parties are often in your own kitchen.

2. Not just the champers

Everyone is there to celebrate, and this means champagne is the obvious choice of drinks, but it doesn't have to be. Don’t follow the cliche if you don’t want to. Skip it altogether or just have it with a toast.  Instead, hire a trendy pop up barwith bartender to add flare and mix your favourite cocktails.  Or fill a tin bucket or bath with craft beer from your favourite brewery. A ‘Pimp my gin / prosecco’ bar is also an easy and fun way to jazz up the drinks indie style. Display herbs, fruit or mixers for guests to customise their drinks. 

Sorry Bolly, there’s a new toast in town!

Oh, and if you are having your party at home, buy some snazzy straws and napkins to add those little details to make it a bit more special. 

 Image | Jane Beadnell Photography | Cocktail |  Mix N Twist

Image | Jane Beadnell Photography | Cocktail | Mix N Twist

3. Decor 

These balloons from Team Hen are the perfect addition to a food or gift table. Take a look over on And so to Shop. They’ve also got some perfect indie gifts for the indie bride starting her wedding adventure and plenty of hen decor. 

 Balloon |  Team Hen

Balloon | Team Hen

Sometimes it’s best to keep things simple. A styled backdrop is a perfect focal point for either a Photo Booth or quirky props for guaranteed selfie-taking. 

4. Food

While it might depend on the guest list size, it's best to assume you’re not serving a 5 course sit down meal. Keep it casual with finger food, canapés and even a food truck. That way guests can graze, chat and drink. Just put a little note in the invite so guests know what to expect. You don’t want guests starving if you're not planning on serving loads of food. The food could relate to your favourite cuisine or the nationality of the country where you got engaged. Alternatively just keep it totally simple with everyone's favourite - chips and dip. Let’s face it - no one says no to a good bit of guacamole! There’s a definite theme going on here - make your party all about you!

 Napkin |   Team Hen

Napkin |  Team Hen

5. Entertainment

A perfectly thought out playlist can set the right tone for the party. Whether you’re hiring a DJ or putting together a Spotify playlist, make sure it has a generational mix of music (throw in something for the oldies) and a mix of styles and tempos to keep it interesting. Think about your favourite songs as a couple and start compiling a list. This can also be the start of your wedding day playlist - forward thinking! 

A band can really get a party started. There are some really talented wedding guitarists out there. If you’re lucky enough to know any talented musicians through friends, ask them to play. It will add that unique touch to your party.

If you do keep the music simple, then add other entertainment to get your guests mingling and chatting. Lawn games, beer pong and a smores bar are all good to bridge the gap between family and friends, which let’s face it, can be a little bit cringe sometimes. 

I think whatever your style or budget there is always a way to create your indie engagement party. It should reflect you, your style and your love story so far. Keep it simple, fun and have a good time with your family and friends. It’s the start of your indie wedding adventure - kick it off in style!

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