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There’s a popular saying that denotes every bride has their Pinterest wedding and the wedding they’re actually planning. Ask the majority of brides and I think you’ll find that to be true. Pinterest is a creative hub, full of brave and exciting wedding trends - and a quick search of the site shows thousands of different ideas you could incorporate into your wedding day. The problem is that some of them, potentially, don’t fit into your chosen wedding theme and others could be a bit of a risk. With only one chance to have your wedding exactly how you want it, most people like to stick to what they know will be a guaranteed hit with themselves and their guests. And there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s far better to be sure that you’ll have a day you are thrilled with then end up regretting a decision.

However, there’s definitely a compromise here. You can have the wedding that you know you’ll still be mooning over in 20 years time, but by adding in a few more creative ideas at distinctive points throughout your wedding day, you get to embrace some of those Pinterest desires too.

 Coffee Stencil |  Sophia Victoria Joy Ltd

Coffee Stencil | Sophia Victoria Joy Ltd

1. Wedding Favours

With this being a small feature of the day, and something that guests get to take home with them, it’s a safe bet if you’re wanting to do something creative but not have it massively impact on the rest of your wedding day. Traditional favours include candles, soap, and sweets. But there are definitely some more off-the-wall ideas that will go down a treat with your guests, and it really doesn’t matter if they don’t fit in with the rest of your overall theme. Some of the best favours we’ve seen at weddings are lottery tickets (imagine if one of your guests won and their favour turned out to be millions of pounds?! That would be pretty special), a mix CD of your wedding playlist so that people have the soundtrack to your day, and personalised wedding coffee stencils which can be used to achieve that perfect cappuccino art at home, with all the hearts. Wedding guests get very excited about what the favour will be, as it’s literally the adult equivalent of receiving a goody bag at a children’s party, so why not give them something that will equally surprise and delight them?

2. Your First Dance

The majority of published lists of ‘top first dance songs’ include a lot of slow songs - and for good reason. They’re romantic and because of the tempo you don’t have to do a whole lot of moving to them, which is great if you’re not the best or most confident dancer. But what if you can bust a move or two and would quite like the opportunity to make your first dance more than just a 3-minute sway? There are so many up-tempo songs that are perfect for a high-energy first dance, and this is just another one of the ways that you can put a unique stamp on your day by opting for something a little different. ‘Higher and Higher’ by Jackie Wilson is a great alternative to a slow dance numbers, and there are hundreds of more modern songs of this type too. Better yet, why not do something really surprising and have some choreography put together for the dance? The look on your guests faces when you pull of this professional dance will be priceless, and you’ll always have that routine to impress with at parties.

3. Your Wedding Bar

Having a typical bar at your wedding is great - your guests know what they are likely to be getting and it’s certainly the easier option to let your wedding venue’s bar just handle the drinks orders. But drinks at your wedding, especially the reception, are another opportunity for you to release your creativity. Hiring a cocktail bar means that you have a lot more free reign over the drinks selection at your celebration, with the option to serve ‘his and hers’ cocktails or even do a DIY cocktail station where guests ‘pimp their Pimms’ with all sorts of garnishes. It’s fun, it’s interactive and it definitely doesn’t happen at every wedding you go to. You can put a spin on the traditional too. Want to serve prosecco? Then why not let your guests pour their own glass from a prosecco tap! It’s something that people will always remember and will make a for a top instagram shot as well (not that we think that’s what’s important here…)

 Temporary Tattoo Station |  Doris Loves

Temporary Tattoo Station | Doris Loves

 Temporary Tattoo Station |  Doris Loves

Temporary Tattoo Station | Doris Loves

4. Your Entertainment

Entertainment means lots of things to lots of people, and it gets a bit more muddled when you attach the word ‘wedding’ to the front of that phrase. What actually counts as wedding entertainment? Or can anything feasibly be classed as that? Typically, even at modern weddings, this category is limited to a wedding band or wedding singer. And that makes sense, because after you’re done getting down to good old Jackie Wilson then your guests will be wanting to flood the dance floor too. However, wedding entertainment need not be limited to just the musically-inclined. Anything that is seen as an interactive activity is also a great shout when it comes to entertainment for your wedding day; the reasons being that a) not everyone likes to dance and so a lot of people (usually the men) are left sitting around for a few hours, and b) it breaks up the wedding and makes sure that there’s no point where people feel bored. A couple of ways to inject some fun and creativity into your wedding plans are a temporary tattoo parlour where guests can get inked with a little something to take away, or hiring a glitter makeup artist who can have your family and friends looking Ibiza-ready as you party on to some deep-house music. If you think it sounds tacky then we can reassure you that your wedding photos will look seriously cool. And sparkly.

5. Leaving Your Wedding

It used to be all about making an entrance, but now it’s all about how you decide to bid farewell in style. If you’re staying in the same hotel as all your guests, then don’t feel that you have to miss out on this fun opportunity either. Just plan something to happen right before you and your, now, spouse head up to the honeymoon suite. Sparkler send-offs seem to be most common but why not take it to the next level and end your wedding day with a bang. We’re talking about a firework display, obviously! A fave with our American cousins across the pond, and also our friends down under too, and it’s a pretty impressive way to end the day. If you’re not into the whole pyrotechnics thing then rather than having your guests throw rice as you and your beau head off into the sunset, provide them with glitter to throw instead. It’s usually a top tip from photographers as glitter shows up extremely well in your photos and creates an awesome effect. Just be prepared to sparkle for weeks.

A few little details that may not exactly fit in with the rest of your overall wedding theme are an easy way to try out some ideas you’ve seen, and loved, but otherwise wouldn’t get the chance to include. Let us know in the comments section if you’re considering any of the above ideas or even some of your own.

Written by Charlotte Spain

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