6 Ways To Say I Love You

3 words, 8 letters, 10 characters if you’re counting those all-important spaces: how do you best say I love you? For some people, it’s a cup of tea in the morning, and for some people it’s not leaving their shoes in the middle of the doorway as soon as they get in from work, because they know it’s beyond irritating. (I’m yet to realise this – sorry boyf…)


Sometimes it’s nice to express the sentiment with words, immortalising them with meaning and gumption in nice flowing ink. What can be off-putting about doing this though is the cheesy kind of rubbish that so many cards seem to feature. It seems that most retailers favour a rhyme pattern over any kind of actually appropriate wording – and don’t even get me started on the old-style brushstroke paintings and googly eyes. We’re not here to take the high street head-on – although, when we can get you same-day delivery to complete your lunchtime tasks, we may well do so – but we are here to represent the kind of love that you may actually want to express: pure, unrefined, often slightly uncouth, comfortable and exciting and heartwarming love. So, here’s 6 ways to say I love you in a way that actually represents your love:


Watercolour Moon Phases Card

 Moon Watercolour Minimalist Anniversary Card

If you love someone who adores beautiful watercolour and minimalist graphic design to the moon and back, we've got the perfect card from Happy Girl! Whether you want to tell them they're the sun to your moon, that you can't wait to see a thousand moons with them, you can't wait for your own honeymoon, or whether you like their full moon, this is a gorgeous way to do so.


I Love You More Than Steak And Chips Card

 I Love You More Than Steak and Chips Anniversary Card

This one isn't for the faint-hearted: don't send it if you don't mean it! Steak and chips are a warming comfort, but then again, so is love. If you'd swap your fillet and fries for your fiancé, let them know with this card from LoveLi. 


You're A Pain In The Arse

 You're A Pain In The Arse

Well, it's true! As Nessa Jenkins from Gavin & Stacey says, "I calls 'em like I sees 'em." Well, I see you, being a pain in the arse, and I'm calling it. Celebrate love's more unrefined side with this card, whether it's because they leave their shoes in the doorway whenever they come inside (sorry boyf), or if it's because they leave trails of half-drunk cups of tea in their wake (again, sorry boyf.) I feel personally attacked right now...and yet, still kinda loved...


We Make An Odd Pair 

 Funny Anniversary Card We Make An Odd Pair

For all the oddbods, odd couples and odd ones out out there - this card is for you. If you've ever wondered how you or your partner ever found someone as weird (and wonderful) as them, this card from Hoard Pretty Things is the ideal way to express it! It's a celebration of all the bits that shouldn't quite work, but do so seamlessly.



 Rude Insult Sweary I Love You Card

Well, no-one's perfect, are they? If swearwords and insults are as far as your petnames go, then keep the romance alive with a beautiful card addressed to Cock womble. When gooey pet names and saccharine endearments would leave them feeling on edge and very nervous, this card is the perfect way to show your affection.



 Piece of my heart love illustration card

At the end of the day, it's all about sharing a bit of your heart, so why not use a beautiful illustration to show so? Hand-drawn and hand watercolored, the iconic stunning Happy Girl designs are cute without being twee, kitsch without being cringe. Let them know your heart is still theirs in an uber stylish way, 

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