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You know when you read a love story and you feel privileged it was shared with you? Well, that’s exactly how we felt when we read Sam’s engagement story. Not only with her business; Stock Florist, but with her future husband. Sam and Ian are getting married in May this year. Here’s a little extract of her journey into floristry and becoming a bride to be. 

Sam’s style of wedding floristry is classic, timeless and beautifully elegant. Her designs are heartfelt and as you read her story you understand why. When fate comes-a-knocking, open that door or in Sam’s case, buy the shop, open the door, and then go for it. Her flower shop really is the thing of dreams. 

Ian’s proposal was like you see in the movies. The fact that he had chosen the location with love and sentiment shows the guy really thought about those details that matter to his fiancé. Be prepared to be whisked away to romantic Paris, for gorgeous swoon-worthy engagement photos and a story to match. You were warned. 

Our love story, words by Sam 

In short, our worlds began when we both attended the same infant school, although we didn’t know it at the time.

Ian went on to attend senior school and my dad was his sports master, my brother in his class!!

Ian being some five years older than me,  we still never actually knowingly met.

Some 30+ years later, both previously married and divorced we met one random night.

The world stood still…I never actually believed in love at first sight but it hit me like a steam train!

We dated, always respectfully and very private.

Ian moved with me to Stock – a village we both love, a village that wrapped us up in acceptance, a feeling we will both never forget!

One wintery day whilst holding hands we walked through the village and Ian spotted an old hairdressers with a to let sign in the window and said.. (to this day we both have no idea why, but believe it was sent down from 'them' upstairs!) “I don’t know why but I think a florist would work well there.”

I looked at him and stared….how could he know that this was my childhood dream, to open a pretty little flower shop?  Growing up as a child I always loved flowers and always wanted my own shop one day.  Even when I was pregnant with my daughter, I completed a flower course knowing that one day it would be my destiny.  But with a career in recruitment and a broken marriage, it was never really the right time.

The rest is history….the shop was born!  Ian helped me - he sketched & designed and I built Stock Florist.  I opened in March 2014, from branding to staffing, sourcing suppliers to living the dream my floral journey began. We toyed with a name, Stock Florist being obvious, "…from the heart" is our signature brand and just about sums it all up!

In short…some four years later we have met some amazing people!!  From venue owners, restaurant owners and publicans, other small business owners and of course our loyal customers.

Every day has a different challenge.  Ian works in banking and I still run my recruitment agency but we always smile when we see a Stock florist bouquet go out the door or when we get feedback from a Stock Florist bride.  Life couldn’t be much better.

Then he asked me….on a romantic, secret getaway in the Musee du Louvre, underneath a favourite statue of my dear old nan, the Winged Victory of Samothrace.

I said “Yes”

We then had a photo shoot in Paris, including some amazing images underneath the Eiffel Tower courtesy of Claire Morris Photography.

And here we are….our wedding date 12th May 2018 in one of our favourite venues, Greenwoods Hotel & Spa in Stock.

The day will be a celebration of our love and the people we care for.  A twilight wedding with a party that won’t be forgotten.

With my passion and Ian’s design skills it will be a wedding like no other.

Flowers – OH MY, I won't spoil the surprise but expect the unexpected. 

Love Sam xx

They say everything in life happens for a reason, and sometimes those little signs are put in place to follow your heart. 

Engagement Photography || Claire Morris Photography

Make up Artist || Harold James

We can’t wait to see what Sam and Ian have planned for their wedding day. A florist’s wedding day - it’s going to be incredible! We wish you both a lovely last few months of wedding planning.  

Follow Sam over on Instagram and take a look at Stock Florist website for your wedding day. 

If you've recently got engaged, we’d love to hear your engagement stories. Get in touch to be featured as an Indie Bride to Be.  

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