Alternative Bouquets for the Flower-Free Bride

Are you a bit whatever about wedding flowers? A bit blasé about bouquets? Do you say 'f... that' to flowers? Alliteration aside (seriously, I'll stop now), for some, flowers can seem like a bit of an expensive, unnecessary part to the wedding day. Sure, if you love your blooms, then you'll be prepared to pay for the finest specimens and the most incredible artist arranging them just how you like them. However, if you're just not that bothered, flowers can take a major chunk out of the budget when you're completely unfused by them, and can become really wasteful when you're done with them too.. 

And if you are completely unfussed by them, chances are you feel like a minority. They're just one of the things that people expect to be compulsory at wedding celebrations: venue, dress, bouquet. Well, now people are getting wed in warehouses and wearing jumpsuits and separates, so it's about time flowers shared the podium too. It's completely possible to hold no flowers at your wedding day and it still look incredibly curated - and we're here to show you how. We've compiled our top 5 bouquet alternatives for brides who still want to hold something going down the aisle, but don't want it to be flora. (NB: also great if you have hayfever or are worried about bees on your big day if you're marrying outdoors!) Something to bear in mind, however, is that for many brides the scent of the flowers in their bouquet becomes synonymous with the day itself, and constitutes in the future a lovely sensory recall to the happy memories. Make sure you wear a perfume you will always hold dear to the day, or make sure you spray your bouquet with something poignant so that you'll still have that special fuzzy feeling.

1. Brooch Bouquet

For all you married magpies out there, we LOVE brooch bouquets. They bring gorgeous sparkle at the same time as oozing a bit of vintage glamour. They can also be customised to any colour scheme, and can incorporate bits important to you - a brooch that used to belong to your grandma, for example, or an old necklace of your aunt's, as well as your somethings old through blue. We love this one from the lovely Glorious by Heidi, who's jewellery and beading background is perfect for polishing off these gorgeous glamorous designs.

 Glorious by Heidi

Glorious by Heidi

2. Paper Flowers

HOW brilliant is this bouquet from Paper Bea? Delicately crafted entirely from paper, I absolutely adore this idea. With all the delicacy and vibrancy of a real bouquet, but (crucially for me, who is forced into hibernation during the high pollen season) none of the pollen, this also brings in an incredible crafty unique element to the day. We are particularly luuuuuuurvin' the very on trend colours of the 'Mae' Bouquet (the Bouqmae?) - nailing that greenery and botanicals trend here, lads. Now I'm just left with two questions - 1. Will you take all my money please? and 2. WHAT KIND OF WITCHCRAFT DOES THIS REQUIRE AND HOW DOES IT WORK?

 Paper Bea 

Paper Bea 

3. Cascading Pearl Bouquet

Diamonds may be a girl's best friend but pearls are her ride or die, right? Merge sophistication with simplicity with this cascading pearl bouquet from the wonderful Bespoke Vintage Castle. Go small and subtle or gloriously ostentatious and oversized - it looks incredible either way! Flower free, but everything's smelling like roses to me...

 Bespoke Vintage Castle

Bespoke Vintage Castle

4. Preserved Flowers

Right, ok, hands up - 'flower-free' isn't here strictly adhered to. However, they're so good that it doesn't actually matter. Sophie & Luna specialise in the preservation and drying of British flowers whilst maintaining their shape and colour and everything that makes them them - essentially, they make sure that our bouquets stay forever in the way we envisioned them. It also means that the surrounding bits can be gorgeous shades of metallics - love love love!

Sophie and Luna Dried Preserved British Flowers Bouquet

5. Whatever Gives You Support

This sounds stupid, but here me out. There are loads of brides out there who only consider a bouquet because they need something to do with their hands whilst they're walking down the aisle (and hey, if you wanna do some spontaneous jazz hands down your catwalk then girl you go ahead), but who says they have to be flowers? Why not hold something that gives you support and comfort and will help calm the nerves? For example, why not hold a photo of your close relatives who sadly couldn't be at the ceremony down the aisle - it would be a lovely way of including them in the ceremony, and would ensure they were with you every step of the way.


July 19, 2017 by andsotoshop Admin