Alun and Lily - Handpicked Hilltop Paradise

Alun and Lily's wedding needs little introduction, but I'll give it my best shot. This beautifully curated day, perfectly captured by our partners Fox & Owl, just radiates happiness, and I absolutely adore it. It was a day of simple and subtle styling that had maximum impact, and it looks like everyone had the most amazing time ever!

I tried to find the right descriptors for Alun & Lily's day and it took me a while. Vintage, quaint, and rustic all sprang to mind, but this was as far removed from hessian, bunting, and Cath Kidston-esque print as could be. Instead, the vibe is completely unique. Definitely vintage inspired with a beautiful shift dress and styled shoes worn by the bride, definitely quaint in all of its hilly location-ed and brass band-ed glory, and definitely rustic with its village hall setting, trestle tables and towering cake made of cheese rounds - but completely unique. 

What an uber stylish couple - I adore Lily's flower crown and Alun's suit - and what an uber stylish venue. The village hall looks amazing filled with trestle tables bustling with all their nearest and dearest, styled with a couple of stems of gorgeous blooms in coloured glass bottles.  And yes - sheep! I love how relaxed the day looks, with Alun & Lily relaxing on the steps just moments after their ceremony, and stood by the village hall stage as the speeches were made during the reception. The piles of help yourself desserts out for their guests look to die for (including a giant bowl of strawberries accompanied by jugs of cream. What else do you need in life, really?) and their dreamy nighttime bar, strung up with so many fairy lights and promising cocktails at £2 are a recipe for the best night ever.

Congratulations to Alun & Lily and here's to a lifetime of happiness together!

With thanks to our gorgeous partners Fox & Owl for submitting this wedding, and the suppliers who made it happen:

Photography | Fox & Owl
Venue | St Wilfred's ChurchBurnsall Village Hall
Camping | Farmer Daggett
Church Flowers | Indaco Flowers
Village Hall Flowers & Buttonholes | Berries
Day Band | Yorkshire Volunteer Dixie Band
Evening Band | Backyard Burners
Caterers | Café No 8
Cheese Cake | Lincolnshire Poacher
Wine | Torre Loco, Aldi
Furniture, Crockery & Decor | Blue Sky Hire
Stationary | Nathan Evans
Suit | Cenci
Dress | Mrs Bee Vintage Dress Maker
Head Wreath | Fresh Flower Company
Hair & Makeup | Sarah Morten

July 25, 2017 by andsotoshop Admin