Daisy Daze - Ways to use this humble petal in your wedding day

Summer is blooming and as we walk through hazy sunny fields in the most idyllic movie style way and not the hay fever suffering kind of way, we’re inspired by the humble daisy. Yes daisies, fields of them. So here’s our homage to this playful petal and ways you can style this wild flower into your wedding day. 

The Flowers  

Firstly, an obvious one, use actual daisies as the main flower in your wedding floral styling. A simple handpicked bouquet of daisies can be so simple and pretty. Coordinating button holes can be super cute too without overpowering the look of a good grooms suit. 

Alternatively, daises could be added within a wedding bouquet to add a more rustic, country feel and playing a subtle part. 

Put your daisy chain building skills to the test and have a backdrop of suspended daisy chains. A wild boho ceremony backdrop to say your ‘I dos’.

 Via Wedding Bee

Via Wedding Bee

The Dress 

If having an outrageous wedding dress with a daring daisy print all over it isn’t quite for you, but you still want a little daisy, wild flower look, then the Elektra dress by This Modern Love Bridal is just so lovely! This lightweight bohemian bridal gown has a plunge neckline and cutaway back. Made with soft, ivory tulle and lined with lightweight satin. However, it’s the detail in the bodice that is mind blowingly intricate. The bodice is covered with a pretty embroidered petal lace appliqué, with petal appliqués hand stitched onto the top of the tulle skirt to create the effect of falling petals. The pretty spaghetti strap detailing makes this design ideal for a summer wedding or beach wedding. It’s available to buy on And so to Shop. 

The Accessories

Hands up whoever made a daisy chain to wear in their hair when they were younger?! Didn’t we all? And didn’t we get frustrated when it would break and you’d have to start over? Well the good news about the accessories below which are available to buy from fabulous indie suppliers on And so to shop, are they’re much more robust! Hairpins from Ava Grace Design and headpieces from Glorious By Heidi each adopt the daisy vibe, with a reinforced boho, wild flower design. Each is handmade and made by an actual lovely human being. Go support small - whoop! 

 The Cake 

A wild, rustic semi naked cake goes hand in hand with the daisy vibe to your wedding day. This one from Cakes by Anna is organic, whimsical and we love it!

The Drink

We love this cocktail recipe we found on Honestly Yum for a unique way to add a little daisy flavour even more into your wedding day. This camomile and lemon flavoured cocktail could be a cute welcome drink to get your guests talking. Who knew camomile wasn’t just for tea?! This one is a good one to bookmark and try. 

Gift of a Daisy

Whilst the gesture of giving a little single stem daisy to your guests may be a lovely, sentimental, nod to yesteryear, to be frank, it ain’t much. Not to worry Ovo Bloom have it covered with their cute seed packs, perfect for wedding favours and adding to the decor of the table place setting. 

We also adore these cheeky handkerchiefs from Smutty Handkerchief for a bit of a ‘you said what?!’ On your wedding day. Although not quite a daisy design, we love it anyway for it’s badass wording. Wild flower for a wild bride. 


Marc Jacobs daisy, an easy pick!

 Ovo Bloom via And so to Shop

Ovo Bloom via And so to Shop

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