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It's Friday! To kick off the weekend and end Valentine's week we're going to start our new feature, the Indie Bride Journals. We're so excited to introduce Martha and Alistair as our first couple. Martha runs a wedding planning business called Anemone Style aimed at the modern, urban couple looking for a creative and contemporary wedding and this very lucky lady has recently got engaged. Very exciting times ahead! 

Martha will be sharing her wedding plans with us over the next few months so where best to start than from the very beginning. I hand you over to Martha to tell us her and Alistar's engagement story. It's beautiful and we're so excited to follow them on their wedding planning journey...

For someone, who to put it truthfully, was a bit engagement crazy pre-proposal, I am a very chilled bride-to-be. Once the ring was on my finger all my engagement anxiety evaporated and my behaviour over the preceding few months seemed utterly ridiculous! You see I had completely succumbed to the social pressure around me and getting engaged had become a little bit of an obsession.

I am sure many of you out there know what I am talking about...You’re in a long term relationship, you have a mutual understanding that it’s headed for marriage but no ring materialises. Initially, that’s ok you’re in no rush, you couldn’t ask for a better relationship so what’s the hurry, right? But then comes the external pressure; all of your friends start getting engaged, as does your little sister, then someone asks you for the millionth time when you guys are getting married and you just lose it! Rationality goes out the window and you become this version of yourself you don’t really recognise. It’s not something you're proud of, it’s certainly not very feminist and it is the worst situation to be in if you are a control freak. Well, I am loathed to say it but this was me about 5 months ago. 

One of the many reasons this behaviour was so unbelievably silly is that Alistair (my now fiance - whoop!) is my best friend. We’ve been friends since we were 15 and if there is one person I can trust with my heart then it is him. He is a sensible, responsible kind of guy and if he hadn’t proposed yet, then you could be sure there was good reason. And it turned out there was. He was project managing what he saw as one of the most important projects of his life, designing my beautiful bespoke ring. Alistair is a graphic designer and creating the amazing design is his passion, so he wanted to be heavily involved in the creative side. Sourcing a jeweller who’s style he thought I would like and who he could work with took time. Luckily he found the uber-talented Rachel Boston, a London based jeweller specialising in geometric silhouettes. To say Alistair is a perfectionist is a bit of an understatement so all in all the ring design and make took over 5 months. I feel for you Rachel! 

But it was so worth it! When Alistair turned around to me on a perfect Autumn morning in a deserted Springfield Park and pulled out the ring I was blown away! I’m sure everyone says this but it was such a special moment and so ‘us’. It was very private and understated; no big statements and tradition, just the two of us walking our beloved puppy in the park and making a promise to get married. It was one of those sunny but crisp late Autumn days where there is mist in the morning and the gold and red leaves are just still around. He didn’t get down on one knee, he just popped the ring out of his pocket and asked me to marry him. He completely managed to surprise me even though I’d been expecting a ring for the past 12 months! There was lots of cuddles and some happy crying from me, until the dog started getting bored and moved us on. 

Luckily I had the day off work because I spent the day telling everyone important to us the news. I am not one for dragging it out or worrying about who should be told and in what order. It was a mass Whatsapp roll out and calls to my close family, to get it done so I could spend the rest of the day staring at my beautiful ring. Which is pretty much what we both did for the two weeks following. I should really say our ring, not my ring. I can see in his face how much joy Alistair gets looking at it, especially knowing how much I love it too. It is wonderful to revel together in the period just after getting engaged; drink champagne every day and take it turns to say “oh my god we’re engaged!"

Thank you Martha! We love a good engagement story, and we love how smitten you both are with each other, I know that we're in for a real treat for your wedding adventure. 

If you've recently got engaged, we want to hear all about it. Get in touch to join our Indie Bride team and share your wedding planning journey. 

February 16, 2018 by andsotoshop Admin

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