Father of the Bride

A public message. ‘It’s Father’s Day on Sunday!’. There we said it, we warned you and now there are no excuses for forgetting. Take a look at And so to Shop for gifts and cards. 

As it is Father’s Day on Sunday, we thought it seemed logical to do a blog post about The Father of the Bride. Not the nineties film classic but more the real version, although the film does sum a few things up! 

We know it’s tradition for your Father to give you away on your wedding day. We’re not really ones for traditions at And so to Wed, however, we are firm believers of love and sentiment on your wedding day. So let’s not phrase it ‘Giving you away’, instead it’s a Father and Daughter moment. Your Dad has probably thought about your wedding from the moment you were born, way longer than you! It probably means a lot more to him than you think to be part of your wedding day and now the day is finally here he can release all that speech material he’s been collecting over the years. 

One of our favourite photos from a wedding day is the Father of the Bride’s first look! It’s so sweet and endearing and brings home the magic of a wedding day. Make sure your photogrpaher is aware to capture one. 

Personally, I know my Dad secretly loved been involved in our wedding day and the planning of it. I gave my Dad projects to do and despite his occasional sarcastic moaning, I could tell he was secretly happy to be collecting, sawing and staining bit of wood. He wouldn’t have had it any other way. I wanted him involved in as much of the wedding as anyone else. One job he adopted and executed to perfection was arranging the transport. As a keen car enthusiast, he made sure we had a top camper for the day which we all loved! 

On our wedding day, it was my Dad who was the cool, calm and collective one inthe morning, delivering last minute decor to the venue and making sure everyone else was ok. The thing to know about my dad is that he looks like a hardy Yorkshire bloke on the outside but really we all know he’s a big softy with a heart of gold and will do anything for anyone. To have my Dad by my side on our wedding day wasn’t about tradition and ‘giving me away’, it was about him supporting his little girl in this big moment in life. 

 Photography by Charlotte Wise, Soul Images

Photography by Charlotte Wise, Soul Images

So what are the ‘official’ duties of The Father of the Bride

  • Traditionally, share a few pennies to make your day awesome! - Again rule book out that window!
  • Travel and arrive at the wedding ceremony with you.
  • Walk down the aisle.
  • Make a speech.
  • Father and Daughter dance - sometimes a bit cringe or really sweet, it can go either way!
  • Play host at the end of the night and help get things wrapped up.
 Real Wedding David & Angela, by Fox and Owl Photography

Real Wedding David & Angela, by Fox and Owl Photography

So when you cast over tradition and put your foot down saying ‘I'm no one’s property to give away’, flip that thought on it’s head and think of it as a special part of your wedding with your dad which is to be treasured the most. 

To finish, we leave you with the Father of the Bride wedding ceremony scene...

(I really want to watch the whole film now, anyone else?!)

Have a fab Father’s day!

June 13, 2018 by andsotoshop Admin

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