Friends Wedding Part IV: Mike and Phoebe

I’m putting it out there – whilst simultaneously not even seeming like she was on this earth, Phoebe Buffay was streets ahead with style. Hers and Mike’s wedding was industrial and city-chic, with loads of personality injected into it – could you sum up 2017 weddings any other way?

So, for the fourth instalment of what has been a ridiculous but really enjoyable 4-part series, here’s what I think we can take away from Mike & Phoebe’s wedding.


The setting

I mean, to be fair, it wasn’t their first choice, but it certainly was their best: in the New York streets, surrounded by all the places where they’d made their memories, with hastily-arranged yet perfectly placed chairs and décor. It also features neon lights and brick walls, which we’re no stranger to, and is made all the more prettier with heavy NYC snow! Unfortunately you can't get legally married outside in the UK - it has to be in a structure with a wedding license - but as a blessings ceremony idea, it's absolutely sublime.


The lights

They really nailed the fairy-lights-but-not-in-a-twee-way thing, and for that we salute them. Draped fairy lights hung in boughs and adorned the bare trees, making it all a sparkling winter paradise without looking like some kind of obsecene Santa’s grotto. We adore the use of inventive lighting in a wedding, as it’s such a simple solution for such amazing impact, completely transforming a space. We totally recommend Typical Type for all our lighting, as they cover anything and everything that you could possibly want illuminated.


The mismatching bridesmaid outfits

We LOVE a mismatched bridesmaid outfit. Cosndiering your bridesmaids are all probably from very different walks of life, trying to get them to feel great in the same dress may seem like a difficult and frankly crazy task. Different shapes, sizes, complexions and backgrounds – and  even personalities – can make a dress fit completely differently. Why try and force your bride tirbe into something you know they’re not comfortable in? Instead, have a running theme involved in all the dresses, for example a colour palette, pattern or style feature, in order to ensure that they still stand out from the guests. After this has been established, either go shopping with your girls to find outfits or allow them to find their own, and double check with you that it’s ok before they finalise.  


The non-white wedding dress

Who says brides have to wear white? Phoebe’s dress is a gorgeous steely-lilac with a strong metallic sheen. Nowadays, wedding outfits can be anything you want them to be. If there’s a colour that’s your trademark, or you fall in love with a design that simply happens to be coloured, don’t let that put you off.



Yes, this is in capitals because that’s how strongly I feel about it – the steel drums are the crowning glory of this wedding. I put steel drums on a pedestal anyway because I think they always sound so melodic and happy, but within Phoebe and Mike’s wedding they are truly something else. I am literally getting shivers thinking about it right now – it’s such a special moment in the episode! They’re such an unusual intstrument and I think the ceremony music being steel drums sets up a party and celebration atmosphere like nothing else could. Are there any steel drums ensembles in Leeds…?


So, there you have it. My official (and very professional) take on all of the main weddings in Friends. More than moments in television history, they are all perfect masterclasses in different wedding styles, and I think they throw up some pretty spectacular ideas. Thank you for reading, but most importantly, thank you for indulging – I do feel like I missed an opportunity with my dissertation, now.

September 01, 2017 by andsotoshop Admin

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