Friends Weddings Part II: Helloooo Mrs Ross (Ross + Rachel)

I know what you're thinking, and it's been thought before - Ellie, are you insane? (Frankly, I'm also sure it'll be thought again.)  Ross and Rachel hardly have a marriage, much less a wedding, so what's this blog post all about? Well, I a)always had a soft spot for Ross - despite an incredibly apt Twitter thread the other week explaining why he was the worst character ever - and b) there's so much to love about this wedding, so why not include it?

Ross and Rachel's Vegas Wedding in Season 5 is something I honestly adore, and without going too philosophy student on you - it's never that deep, FYI - here's what I think we can and should take as inspiration.


The setting

Ok, maybe not specifically a TV set at Warner Bros, or a tiny little chapel in Vegas, but Vegas itself. The city is vibrant and creative and full of life at every turn, meaning there's incredible settings everywhere. Whether you want the cliche but incredible dazzling lights that it's famous for as the background for your love story, or you want your free-spirited bohemian love to be cemented among the vistas of the Grand Canyon, Vegas can cater for it all. Well, technically, the Grand Canyon isn't even in the same state, but it's a hot destination for people going to Vegas too. There are so many tours that can take you there, or it's a 5 hour drive which in American terms is absolutely nothing! For inspiration, check out Natalie J Wedding's gorgeous elopement shoot there earlier this month. Amazing, unforgettable location? Ticked off the list. Next?


An Alternative Bouquet

It wasn't just hairstyles and free nipples that Rachel Green pioneered - in her wedding to Ross, she also has a non-floral bouquet. If you decidedly detest flowers, you have really bad hay fever or you just don't want blooms on your big day, there are so many amazing alternative bouquet options nowadays that look incredible down the aisle. Paper flowers, Lego flowers, brooches or glittery clutch bags are all gorgeous options that mean you have something to do with your hands without having to faff with flowers. These arrangements will keep forever too, meaning you don't have to decide whether to lose your bouquet or spend a fortune attempting to preserve it.



OK, faceprint may be stretching it a little - they've literally got cat faces drawn on in Sharpie. I don't really recommend you follow suit for your wedding, but I would implore you to have a think about aesthetic adornment. We're living in a make-up revolution, with more attention and importance given to make-up than ever before. Why shouldn't this extend to bridal? If you're a glitter gal every other day of the year, why not wear glitter on your wedding day - especially if you're having a festival wedding. Alternatively, our lady love Amy George creating some amazingfloral-inspired looks for the equally gorgeous Rewritten Bridesmaids - go beautiful and botanical on your big day.


Relaxed Outfits

Again, claiming that Ross & Rachel gave this any conscious thought would be a bald-faced lie, but to say that I'm not digging their casual vibe would be just as much of one. Wedding dresses are beautiful, incredible things, with designs that make you feel like you're worth a million dollars and fabrics and laces to match. However, if you're not a dressy-uppy person to start with, this may daunt you more than it delights you. Depending on the dress code at the place where you're marrying, why not go more dressed down? Comfort is always key. Wear a shorter white dress, a playsuit, a white twopiece, dungarees and trainers if it's what you feel most like yourself in - remember, that's why they're doing this, to marry you!


Ladies First

*KLAXON SOUND* - spoiler alert. In the ensuing drama, featuring much high-pitched whining from Ross and spiteful whining from Rachel, we eventually find out that it was Rachel's idea to marry Ross. She's not particularly impressed with herself afterwards, but we are - the idea that men have to propose to women is super outdated, and it's about time it went for good.


August 18, 2017 by andsotoshop Admin

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