Friends Weddings Part III: Mr and Mrs Bing BING (Chandler + Monica)

I know, I know, it's what you've been waiting for - the third instalment of this prestigious series. Well, sports fans, it's here, and you're welcome. This one needs less prefacing than the other two because their inclusion in this series is undisputed: it's a definite wedding, it was planned (really planned, at the hands of Monica Geller), and it was beautiful. So what did we like about Chandler and Monica's big day? Aside from the groom, of course...


The simple but swoonworthy dress

Monica's dress is simple understated elegance, and we're digging it. She shows that your dress doesn't have to be 74 layers of tulle, covered in crystals and boned to within an inch of its life - unless you want it to be. It's not even lacy. Instead, she's focused on her beautiful figure with an elegant uncomplicated silhouette, and a beautiful structured look. I looooooooove the shape of the v neck on her, and the waist on it, striking the perfect balance between 'sexy' (for want of a better word because that word makes me cringe SO hard) and elegant. I also love that she goes for a chic veil.  Effortless but impactful - gorgeous, right? 


Floral bridesmaids

Phoebe and Rachel are resplendent in ruffled floral numbers that honestly would not look out of place in SS17 - botanicals and frills are back, baby. We la la loooove patterned bridesmaids as it brings a really contemporary age to bridesmaids whilst still keeping them cohesive, and florals are certainly a safe way to go. Top work, gal pal Rachel Green & Phoebe Buffay!


Cameras on the table

Honestly, Monica and Chandler should have invested some of their money in Polaroid and Fujifilm, never mind Monica's well-intentioned but ill-advised exploits with MEG stocks - they'd be minted by now. Having said that, they seemed to be minted anyway, based on their apartment, but that's a well-used trope about the show that we can leave for another day, eh? We love how forward-thinking Monica and the Chan Chan Man were with their guest interaction, leaving cameras on the table to not only capture guest reactions and experiences from the day but also to give them activities for during official bits.


Bridal bouquets

The bridesmaids bouquets are really things of wonder - gorgeous flowers on long stalks. They add texture and drama to the ensembles, rather than a more structured, geometric arrangement. Style points again go to the girls!


Joey as the registrar

I mean, is this not the best bit? The personal element that Joey adds to the ceremony is second to none. Warm, heartfelt, and super-real, it ensures the ceremony is perfectly tailored to Monica & Chandler. Having a ceremony that reflects your personal beliefs rather than something you feel beholden to by tradition is always going to mean more to you than anything else - so go for it!


Their wedding song

If you've ever heard this song in a coffee shop and got emotional but never realised why - I'll tell you exactly why right now. The acoustic version of Everlong by the Foo Fighters is such a ridiculously romantic, emotional, soul-searching, beautifully composed and performed song that its pretty special anyway - but it's also Monica and Chandler's wedding song. Up until now, I've never put two and two together, but it turns out I'm so emotionally invested in a fake TV relationship that I literally well up when I hear their wedding song. It's just as well I have this blog series as an outlet, isn't it really?


Also, some bonus trivia because what am I if not a Friends nerd at heart (not just at heart): The original setting was supposed to be a museum, which would have been an incredible backdrop! We're a massive fan of unorthodox wedding venues here at ASTW (even for Greek Orthodox weddings, like Monica and Chandler's definitely was...) 


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