Keeping your cool on your wedding day

OMG! This summer is such a scorcher and hotting up! Obviously we all dream of amazing weather on our wedding day and being in England, we’re always hopeful. However, be careful for what you wish for because this summers weddings are lined up to be hot hot hot! So as we pretend we now live in the Med we‘re giving you our top advice for keeping cool on your wedding day. 


Shade, shade, shade

If the weather has been forecast to top record high temperatures, prepare before the day by locating shaded areas throughout the venue. For example, move the drinks reception from the unshaded lawn to a shaded spot under the trees. It will still be beautiful and guests will be so much more comfortable. If you’re having photos, take an umbrella with you for shade, so at least when you’re on the move you’re shaded still to avoid the burn.

Ask your venue to use the air conditioning if it’s available or hire fans if really needed. You and your guests want to be comfortable throughout the day, your venue should be able to advise and do what they can. 

Rock a cool pair of sunnies to avoid squinty eye photos and look like uber cool bride!

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Primer and waterproof make up is your new best friend, make sure your makeup is prepped to perfection to make it last in the heat. Touch up throughout the day to maintain the perfect polished look, have a make up bag squirrelled away somewhere and to hand for emergencies. Assign the job to your maid of honour to be on make up duty look out. As soon as your foundation starts to melt it’s her duty to tell you! 

Apply suncream too or include an SPF factor foundation in your makeup. Get in touch with Amy George, a make up artist guru for make up perfection.


Hair up or down?

Styling your hair up will keep you cool and frizz free. There’s some stunning up do styles too! Talented hair stylists are like magicians, they can work their magic so your hair stays perfect all day. However, just keep a little hairspray at hand in case that pesky heat does play havoc. 

Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Ask the caterers to provide jugs of water on tables and keep them topped up. If you’re having an outdoor ceremony, give guests a bottle of water so they’re hydrated throughout the ceremony. Likewise for you both, ask you ushers to have a bottle of water to hand just incase you feel a little overwhelmed and heat effected during the wedding ceremony. 

Take some water with you for photos too - basically, just have a constant bottle of water on tap. Maybe not one of those camel-back water pouches that hikers wear but you get our drift. 


A Hand Fan

Swap the bouquet for a classy and stylish traditional fan. Or they could be cute favours for your guests too!


Shorts VS No Shorts

We’ve heard about a few couples getting asked by guests if it’s ok if they wear shorts. Our answer to this, it's entirely up to you and your dress code. All we can say is that to make the decision you feel comfortable with. At the end of the day, whether or not Uncle Tony has his knees on show isn’t going to effect your day at all, you’ll be too busy getting married and loving being in the moment. 

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