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One aspect of a wedding that we’re really passionate about at And so to Wed is the lighting! Lighting is one of the things that is often overlooked when planning a wedding, and yet it is one of the key aspects of your wedding decor that can have the biggest impact. Get it right, and you can very cost effectively, create a unique and super stylish look, get it wrong, and you and your guests may feel like you're at a parish hall kids party where there are only two levels of lighting - bright white light or dark. 

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Pre Wedding Lighting

The lighting in the room where all the bridal prep is taking place is quite an important one, especially for hair and makeup. Your photographer will also be taking lovey candid shots and the lighting for these should be soft. A room with plenty of natural light is always the best for both. 

Ceremony Lighting

The lighting during your ceremony is key to set the tone for your wedding. If the lights are too bright it can kill any romantic atmosphere you want. Always visit your venue with your photographer at the time of day you will be getting married then you can all see the light and work with it for the best shots. Candles and fairy lights are definitely the way to go for a romantic setting. Whether in a barn or church the low level light from candles can add that warm, cosy glow. Lighting can also be incorporated into your ceremony decor, a fab few examples from Typical Type...

Reception Lighting

Lighting forms part of your styling and it's important that you think about the overall look you're wanting to achieve when deciding what lighting you'd like on your wedding day. Is your wedding vintage, contemporary, rustic, historic, colourful, outdoors, intimate, a huge party etc? This will then dictate whether you want to go for lower, more romantic lighting, festival style lighting, candle style lighting, fun, colourful and bright lighting and so on. 

Wow Factor Lighting 

Lights are a great way of giving your wedding decor big impact relatively cheaply. You can hire giant letters from independent businesses such as Doris Loves or Typical Type, These make a great photo opportunity, focal point on your dance floor and also give your guest's that 'wow' factor on entering a room. You can create your own lighting feature by purchasing or hiring a neon sign, light up foliage, drape festoon or fairy lights from the ceiling or simply by having a wall of fairy lights. When it comes to lighting, if your venue is ok with it, then absolutely go to town to create what you want. 

Outdoor Lighting

In the UK summer months we love to be outdoors as much as we can. Therefore, the outdoor area at your wedding venue can be an extra space to style and consider. The glow of a camp fire with outdoor festoon lighting can be so simple and inviting. Fairy lights and lanterns along pathways to lead guests around the venue are romantic and magical. Outdoor lighting doesn’t have to break the bank but can add so much atmosphere. 

Lastly, do speak to your photographer about lighting. They will be able to give you some great advice about what to include, what to think about and also discuss ideas for what pictures you'd like to achieve.


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