Longflint: The Perfect Wedding Drink For A Crafty Bride

I’m a big fan of wedding day details. It’s your wedding day, and so everything on your wedding day should reflect you and your tastes. Therefore, when brides and grooms say they don’t like prosecco themselves and still serve it at their wedding, I don’t get it. I totally understand you want to cater to your wedding guests but there are so many different drink options out there to give you and your wedding guests that little personalised edge.

So by now we probably all get the general gist of wedding drinks. If not, here’s a quick run down of the traditional set-up:

  1. The ceremony is followed by a reception drink and canapes
  2. Wine is served with the wedding breakfast
  3. The evening drinks are either through an open or paid bar

Ta-da! The formula to drinking on a wedding day.

But why is this the formulae? Ok, it works for the layout of most wedding days. However, you don’t need to stick to the rules of ‘most weddings’ (yes, I quoted myself there). Don’t opt for drinks package A, B or C suggested by a wedding venue or caterer because that’s the done thing. Ask for something different to push the boundaries, it’s your day, do what the hell you like!

 Craft Cocktail for weddings 

I recently discovered a fab alternative to post-ceremony drinks which I think would work well alongside the growing trend of craft beer (a trend I’m massively in love with). And that fab alternative would be Longflint, whom I’ve recently fallen for. Longflint make these lovely craft cocktail alternatives. The choice of flavours and different spirits is amazing and caters for all your guests’ tastes - something for everyone is what we like! The flavour combinations are refreshing, unique and a talking point amongst guests. Avoid the awkward weather conversation, start one about the lovely gin cocktail you’re both drinking instead. They’re not overbearing or filling like some cocktails, making a perfect combination with delicious canapes and leaving an appetite for the wedding breakfast meal.

I was sucked in, like a magpie to shiny objects, by the pretty packaging that stood out on the shelves of a craft beer shop, ‘Mother Kelly’s’ in Stoke Newington. Obviously, I bought a few to try and loved them! They’re different to the usual bottled cocktails you sometimes get that just taste like sugar (or, just as bad, just taste like bland but straight alcohol). They have so much more character and crafted to perfection.

My serving suggestion? How lovely would they look displayed in a tin bath or copper bucket filled with ice on a beautifully decorated drinks table and presented to guests in a glass, topped with quirky herbs, edible flowers and fruit garnishes. Boom - you’ve upped the drinks expectations already.

Longflint work with spirit suppliers such as Kew Organic Gin, Albelforths and QuiQuiRiQui’s Mezacal making the quality of their drinks organic and natural. Here are some of the flavours I’ve tried and can’t wait to see what they bring out next:

Rhubarb & Vodka Seltzer. LOVE, LOVE LOVE this pretty packaging and this is was so refreshing. The blush pink colour is great for a pretty, elegant wedding.

Grapefruit, Sour Cherry & Mezcal Paloma. This one was really different! Sweet and smoky.

Hibiscus Gin Tonic. Not one to drink if nervous about spilling! Although this one tastes pretty darn good too, the colour on a wedding day would have me on edge. White dress, deep red drink, never a good combination. 

Ginger & Rum Fuego. Oh my word this had a fab, fiery kick to it! I loved it. A little spicy and lots of flavour to really pack a punch.

Rose Hip & Gin Fizz. Ahh for the love the gin. There is nothing more English than gin at a wedding and this is the perfect blend. Teamed with Kew Organic Gin.

Negroni Sbagliato. This one adopts the Campari trend. A bitter sweet perfection! 

 Longflint Craft Cocktails Pretty Bottle

Thank you Long Flint for introducing us to these crafty cuties worthy of any wedding venue. I think they’d be great for all you DIY and alternative brides out there, maybe a tipi or barn wedding where drinks are free flowing between photos and lawn games.

So, to recap: they look great, they taste amazing, they reflect the pair of you as a couple rather than a drink that neither of you can stand, and they'd make an amazing feature in a tin bath. What are you waiting for?! If you’re a planning your wedding day and wondering what drinks to serve, wonder no more!

Written by Emily of Emily K Weddings


September 12, 2017 by andsotoshop Admin