Love Notes from LoveLi

Happy Valentine’s week lovely couples. I hope you’re well and truly in the loved-up Valentine’s mood - you should be. To express yourself in a quote or just any form of word order can sometimes be a little tricky. That’s why we love the gorgeous products from LoveLi. A chance to express your love in a cool and un-mushy way, hell yeah!

LoveLi is an award-winning design studio creating indie stationery for style-savvy couples looking for that something special and quirky on their wedding day. The designs are modern, to the point and fuss-free. That’s what we love about them, they’re cool, stylish and lovable by all. 

So here are just a select few of our favourites from LoveLi to express your love this Valentine’s Day or on the morning of your Wedding Day.

Why do we love a quote in life?

As a community of small businesses, a couple getting married or managing a family, we all need that little motivation from time to time. A little pick me up or a reminder that all is good in the world. A quote can be that bit of encouragement, a moral hug or kick up the backside to get out there and get things done! 

So don’t underestimate the power of a little saying on a morning, it can have a positive impact on your day. Try reading an inspirational quote every day or display a little motivation from LoveLi in your office, and let us know how you feel!

February 12, 2018 by andsotoshop Admin

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