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In an era where Pinterest, partying and pictures are very much du jour, wedding styling can sometimes seem super overwhelming. Whereas beforehand the only major choices were your flowers and your dress, it’s boomed, and there’s now more choices for your wedding décor than Joseph had colours on his dreamcoat. But what if you’re not mad for crazy colour or texture or wild fiesta vibes? What if you’d rather go minimalist and chic, with a real focus on you two and nothing else?


If this is you, you may feel sadly uncatered for in the industry today, but please don’t despair - today’s blog post, a shoot curated by the wonderful Chloé from Fox and Owl, proves you can pack a punch without picking a piñata-style palette.


With beautiful palm-filled conservatories, old stone walls and outdoor greenery as their backdrop, this Mr & Mrs Doe shoot showcases the best in effortless simplicity. Relaxed curls, a smoky eye and nude nails perfectly offset a vintage ankle-length empire line dress, with broderie-style panelling, a high neck, and puffed three quarter length sleeves, and are complete with pointed sandals.


A small, sylvan bouquet – featuring daisies, which are still and forever will be one of my favourite flowers ever – in white, with small gathered accents of violet and pink and plenty of leaf is the perfect arrangement. They give a perfect bohemian edge to a simplistic but sumptuous city-chic bridal look.


The photos aren’t elaborately posed shots requiring a fourth-floor window or a drone, either – natural, unforced and effortless, with gorgeous usage of natural light and an oh-so-delectably moody edit.


If you’d prefer low-key, simple but stylish, don’t let the blinding klaxons of the current wedding world put you off. Chic and minimalist weddings look incredible too – they always have done, they always do. If you’re uber cool, why not show off with it?


Photographer || Chloé Grayson of Fox & Owl
Models || Gemma Sadler,  Christopher McElroy
Agencies || A-ModelsImpactDKRMG
Hair & MUA || Kirsty Glasby

September 07, 2017 by andsotoshop Admin

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