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A public service reminder to let you know it’s Mother’s Day this Sunday, yes the 11th March. We’re blogging today to give you all a week to get your card, present and plans in place for next weekend.

There are some great gift ideas over on And so to Shop. Chocolates, jewellery and pamper gift sets from our talented suppliers are not only great for Mother’s Day but also for a little thank you on your wedding day. Here’s a little glimpse. Get on over there and get ordering!

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As it’s Mother’s day coming up we thought we’d blog about Mums and weddings. Love them to bits, but sometimes they can drive you a little crazy. 

It comes as absolutely no surprise that your Mum is sooo excited about your wedding day and probably loving the whole wedding planning experience more than your other half! Involve them as much as you can but make sure you have a fine balance to ensure they don’t take over and stress you out. Yes we love them to bits and we know they just want to help but sometimes they can get carried away. Just know that they mean well. Some Mums also have to realise that weddings have changed a hell of a lot since they got married - they’re much more informal now and there is no set format to your wedding day. Wedding days are all about you so the amount of personalisation and the ability to do things bespoke has majorly increased and improved over the years! Don’t let your mum question your style or steer you away from what you want. In the kindest way of saying it, she’s had her wedding day, this one is yours. Here are some ways to get your mum involved (without her taking over your day.) 

Your Dress

Your mum has probably dreamt about the day you try on a wedding dress and chances are she’s probably got something already in mind in which she imagines you getting married. Taking lots of friends and family with you when wedding dress shopping is such a lovely idea and we see it on ‘Say Yes To the Dress’ all the time. However, the more people you have there, the more stressful it can be. Everyone will have an opinion or even worse, no opinion and say you look incredible in every dress. While that’s amazing to hear, it ain’t helpful in choosing one! Only your mum will tell you the truth, sometimes it might hurt but you can usually rely on your mum to tell you her honest opinion. When you both start to cry, that’s when you know the dress is the one! 

Her Dress

She’ll look fab wearing whatever on your wedding day as she’ll be beaming with a smile all day! However, go with her to try on outfits, big hats and fancy shoes. After you’ve found your dress, it’s another excuse to spend some girly time together Mother of the Bride outfit shopping and a having a cuppa and a catchup. A perfect Saturday morning! 

Hen Do 

Your bridesmaids are probably already organising a mad night out with the odd penis straw and garish veil with matching glasses. Sometimes it just has to be done! If you don’t feel like it’s quite your Mum’s or Mother in Law’s cup of tea, let your bridesmaids know. A second ‘tamer’ hen-do could be organised that’s mum rated and a little more tasteful. An afternoon tea is a traditional winner to invite mums, grandmas and other family members you don’t necessarily want on your wild night out (or for them to know your answers to Mr & Mrs!)

Keep her busy and don’t be scared to ask for help

Perhaps you feel your mum wants to do something helpful for your wedding but you feel like you need to keep her occupied to stop her bombarding you with ‘Have you thought about this….?’ And ‘Oh are you sure about that..?’ questions. Sometimes they’re just not the questions you need when the stresses of planning a wedding hit home. Don’t be scared to ask her for help and give her something to do and focus on rather than niggling at the small things! Great ideas include small tasks like organising and putting together the confetti cones, finishing the DIY favours or sourcing and framing family photos for a display. She’ll more than likely really appreciate you involving her in the wedding details. 

Scrap Tradition 

Give your mum a bigger role than the tradition dictates on your wedding day. She could even walk you down the aisle, read a poem or do a speech. However, you wish to break the wedding rules, do it and give your mum an alternative wedding role. 

Lastly, say thank you 

Your mum has probably been there right from the start of your wedding adventure. She might have even known about the proposal before you did. Don’t forget the key bit, to say thank you, not only for her support throughout the wedding planning but for everything she has ever done for you throughout your life. Let her know how much she means to you and that you are truly grateful to her. I bet she’s just thankful for everything you’ve done for her too. 

Mums, we love you so much. Happy Mother’s Day. Thank you for supporting us in life and in wedding planning! 


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