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Being a recent convert myself, I have realised there are two diverging responses when the conversation topic turns to our beloved ‘Pinterest’:

First we have a) ‘I’m obsessed’. And then we have b) ‘I’m not really into it, should I be?’ The answer is yes my friends, and here’s why...

Just a couple of months ago I was one of those people, questioning whether there was really room in my life to add another social media outlet to the pot. Despite my reservations I took the plunge, and (I am not exaggerating) it has completely revolutionised my way of life! Many an early morning over that first cup of coffee to kick-start the day, I have found myself reaching for my phone and adding in a new board name for ideas that have just pinged into my head.

Personally, Pinterest came into my life when I was set the exciting challenge of baking my Dad and Step Mum’s wedding cake. Someone said, ‘have you created a Pinterest board of ideas yet?’ I remember thinking, I’m missing out on something here, and swiftly headed over to the app store and clicked GET – this was the beginning of a rather passionate love story.

It then occurred to me that many of the And so to Business family were already in on game and their profiles where like something from a ready-made fairy tale. Let me just give you a heads up on a few of our suppliers who have mood boards you’ll be swooning over for hours on end.


Bespoke Vintage Castle

Firstly, let’s start with the queen of pinning – Bespoke Vintage Castle. Luxury, bespoke and beautiful is exactly how you can describe their profile and their business as a whole. From ‘Beautiful Bling Brides’ to ‘For Goodness Cakes’, Bespoke Vintage Castle has a board to suit all. We love how their boards incorporate so many of their gorgeous Pinterest worthy products that many brides’ dreams are made of.

(Image 1 photographed by Jane Beadnell Photography.)



Kate Edmondson Bridal Couture.

Kate Edmondson Bridal Couture works to create understated elegance and this is obvious from their stunning Pinterest profile. For style conscious brides that are looking for contemporary luxury, approach with caution – I say this because once you have clicked to view their profile, I guarantee you won’t be leaving in a hurry! Whether you are going for boho vibes, traditional themes, or even a mixture of the two, you will find what you are looking for here and more.


(Images photographed by Natasha Hurley.)


The Vintage House That Could

Another dreamy profile (and my personal favourite) is The Vintage House That Could. Want to see a whole load of beautiful in one place? Well this is the place to be. I think the board ‘Never Wear Anything That Isn’t Beautiful’ sums them up perfectly. For creative, vintage and botanical inspiration, head over to The Vintage House That Could’s profile. I guarantee you’ll be in love with every single pin!



Nutmeg Studio

Last but not least, for ‘ideas that stick’, Nutmeg Studio brings original ideas for the home that are simply perfect. When I think of my 'Pinterest dream home’ Nutmeg Studio’s products most definitely make an appearance, as I love the idea of mess-free wall art that throws character into a space. Head over to their profile for some uber cute kid’s bedroom ideas and fun feature walls that will have you wanting to revamp your house head to toe!



So if all this Pinterest talk has got you in the mood for dancing, romancin’, then shimmy on over to the app store to download the app, create an account, and start pinning! Remember to follow our profiles @andsotowed, @andsotostyle, and @andsotofamily to see what dreamy delights inspire us.

August 10, 2017 by andsotoshop Admin

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