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Over on our sister blog And So To Style this week, our wonderful resident writer and general style guru Katie of The Vintage House That Could wrote a blog post about one of her industry colleagues and inspirations, Lisa from Heart Vintage. Well, we're major fans of women supporting women in the industry, so we thought we'd send some good cosmic karma back around, and show The Vintage House That Could some love to. Although don't be under the impression that we're only doing this out of a sense of duty - we're shouting about these from the rooftops because we think they're bloomin' brilliant.

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Actually, girl gangs are an excellent place to start for today's blog post, as it's all about the Big Question - Will you be my bridesmaid? Katie's come up with a really gorgeous keepsake to pop the question and celebrate the answer (which we're hoping is a big Yes!)

I am, of course, talking about The Vintage House That Could's "Please Be My Bridesmaid" Styling Kits. Katie started doing the Vintage Styling Kits as a way of making her love of vintage more of an experience: each kit is a curated collection of vintage beauty, carefully selected to be a fitting surprise for the recipient. Each kit could be personalised based on the recipient and the occasion, which led Katie to think - why not do them for Bridesmaid requests?

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The Bridesmaid Vintage Styling Kits each contain a vintage teacup and saucer up cycled into a beautiful candle, handpoured close to TVHTC HQ, and a personalised plate from the aforementioned Heart Vintage with "I couldn't say I do without you" printed on them. On top of that, you get a gorgeous Calm Gallery postcard with the message "Best Day Ever" on, and a notepad and slogan pencil for those all important notes that are a requisite part of being a maid to the bride - it's not just about the dress, after all!

We adore these kits because they tick all the boxes - a heartfelt way to ask your bridesmaid to be a part of the day, a subtle nod to how stylish your day is going to be, the excitement of a gift (everyone loves a gift!), a compliment and motivation, and a keepsake to cherish everyday. And all done by supporting small businesses passionate about making people happy - which is what we're passionate about, frankly. 

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Why not get your ladies all together and give them each one of these, and watch their delight at the same time? Or alternatively, take some time with each separately - that way you're able to tell them individually why you'd love to have them walk beside and behind you on your wedding day. 

Alternatively, if your day flies by and you want to thank your bridesmaid with something special, the kits can be personalised as "Thank You For Being My Bridesmaid" boxes too. All of the above still applies - but as an added bonus it's a way to keep the wedding excitement running a little longer when its mostly over. 

Check out Katie's other items at The Vintage House That Could - she does WICKED wedding styling too - and check out our style blogs over at And so to Style, where this originally featured! 

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