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We are dipping our toes into the hen and stag do season. Ok so not really toe dipping more like dive bombing right in. We love May for giving us the double bank holidays, two lovely long weekends for double celebrations! Thank you calendar!

We’re all aware of the traditional hen and stag party, for some reason the need to divide the genders and celebrate your last bit of 'freedom' before marriage. When you say it like that, it sounds weird or maybe it is just weird and it’s one of those mysterious wedding traditions we just go with. 

However, there’s a new breed of pre-wedding parties growing, the Sten party, also known as the Hag do. We’re going to go with the Sten. So what is a Sten and why would you have one?

A Sten party is a combined hen and stag do. It’s in the name, clever that! So instead of going your separate ways to celebrate with your separate friends, you do it all together. You’re getting married right, you love them to bits and don’t want to leave them for a second so a Sten is a great big party for all. 

Why have one? 

Save time - Whilst there are two bank holidays in May, people lead busy lives and often get booked up most of the weekends. Having one big hen and stag party can save people and you as a couple more time.

Save money - A joint party can be cheaper making it more affordable for you and your friends. 

Easier to organise, potentially - With ushers and bridesmaids combining forces, the event should be planned to perfection. 

Celebrate altogether - No need to separate the stereotypical genders. If you have a close circle of mutual friends that you just can’t split up for a good night out, a Sten is perfect to not make that decision. 

 Mini Crowns || Team Hen via And so to Shop

Mini Crowns || Team Hen via And so to Shop

And so to Wed - Sten - And so to Shop6.jpg

What to do?

If you think how big a hen and stag do can be, combine it and there’s your crowd to manage for the day. It’s usually a big number so finding somewhere or something to keep everyone entertained can sometimes be tricky. Here are just a few ideas and activities to look into as a starting point when planning your Sten party. 


It’s a knock out 

Assault Courses

Go Ape

Escape Rooms 

Quad Biking

Go Carting

Salsa Lesson

Wine Tasting 

Bars & Dancing


Spa - morning after

Make sure you book restaurants, bars and clubs in advance for all your Sten party. If you have a lot of friends, it's always good to book an area or table well ahead so you can all fit in!

We hope it gives you a little idea for a Sten do! Don't stick with wedding tradition, make your own rules. Have fab bank holiday weekend everyone! 

If a Sten doesn't quite float your boat and you can't wait for a get away with the girlies, take a look at our hen party ideas blog post. 

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