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Morning! Today we wanted to share a growing trend in weddings, the abundant and beautiful succulent. Kathy from All Bunched Up is such a talented lady and today she tells us why she loves working with succulents and ideas on how to use them on your wedding day. She's a perfectionist with her work and the results are truly beautiful.

Take a look at her succulent bracelets! Perfect for a bride looking for something unique, modern and oh so chic. 

Have a fab Monday, over to Kathy and her amazing work…

Kathy from All Bunched Up 

2018 has really seen succulents take off from being incorporated into bouquets to buttonholes, headdresses to tablescapes and even jewellery. 

The more I use them the more I love them and appreciate they varied array of colours and textures Succulents come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, textures and colours from light greens to greys and dusty pinks.

Succulents can have huge impact on their own or used to compliment any theme from the very on trend greys and coppers to bright fiesta colours. 

Succulents are very versatile, whether you are looking for a rustic look or a modern touch throughout the wedding decor. 

The Bouquets

Succulents can be incorporated into the bridal bouquet nestled amongst the other chosen flowers or used on their own creating a very striking bouquet but be warning the bouquet could be a hefty weight so no throwing the wedding bouquet and a trip to A&E!

The Ceremony and Venue

We are seeing a trend for hanging pots and macramé hangers which can be incorporating into wedding backdrops, trees and beams in the wedding venue, succulent and air plants are idea for this.

Succulents can be incorporated into table displays in many ways. They are fab for adding that bit of extra texture whether used with other flowers or clustered together with air plants displayed in texture pots or gold and copper terrariums. 

Succulents are ideal as favors sat in terracotta pots or wrapped in hessian with name tags adding to the table decor. Adding that extra level of decor to the taboe for a more luch look. 

The Cake

Succulents can add so much texture to a wedding cake for a more edgy, less floral look. The grey tones add a more contemporary look to a cake and complement a concrete or marble effect. 

Succulents can also be re potted making a heart warming keepsake of the day too! 

If you want to see more wedding inspiration take a look at All Bunched Up Instagram page. So many beautiful blooms to swoon over. 

September 10, 2018 by andsotoshop Admin

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